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Seven More Celebrities

The episode opens with a series of interviews. Stephen Baldwin says something that was, thankfully, cut off by my TiFaux. Corbin Bernsen says that we probably remember that he was nuts last time around. Yes, both of us who watched the previous season do remember that, Arnie Becker. Stephen wonders why he did this. Corbin wonders why he and Stephen would be back. Stephen thinks he's a sick person. It's like I don't even have to make the jokes. Corbin muses that they wouldn't make him or Stephen The Mole, or maybe they would. Stephen says that he and Corbin must both be psychotic to do this again. Again, he's making my job easy.

Keshia yells, "Mole!", and we move to the introduction of the players. Stephen says that Dennis Rodman is "a little kooky." He thinks that Angie Everhart is a "fiery redhead." Mark Curry is "hilarious." He is? Keshia Knight-Pulliam is "too cute, too Cosby." Ananda Lewis is like Angie, but worse, because she's "off the chain." They show a quick clip of Ananda beaning someone with a ball. Stephen says that he loves Tracey Gold and wants to form a coalition with her. Stephen adds that he doesn't trust anyone, and then cracks himself up.

Yucatan, Mexico. Playa Del Carmen. A yellow taxi SUV drives down the street to the strains of "Low Rider." A sign on the taxi says, "Driver carries less than $30,000 in change," which I totally didn't get on first viewing and I was like, "Wow, that's a lot of money to carry around." I still don't quite get it, since the first game was potentially worth $35,000, but I'm sure someone on the forums will explain it to me.

Ahmad Rashad is driving the taxi. He pulls up on the beach in front of Corbin Bernsen, who is wearing a captain's hat and a black tank top. No tank tops. I don't care how hot it is. If you're not playing a sport, no tank tops. I never wanted or needed to see Corbin's chest hair, and I definitely didn't ever need to see his armpits. Ahmad and Corbin greet each other warmly. Ahmad says that Corbin was invited back because he played the game with such heart. Ahmad introduces the first game, which is called El Taxi Loco. Corbin will drive the cab and pick up his fellow players. He will be given a clue in Spanish about his first passenger, and it will include "a subtle clue in English." Ahmad says that for every person delivered back to the starting point within seventy-five minutes, Corbin will add $5,000 to the pot. Ahmad urges Corbin to stop and ask directions if he gets stuck, and then gives Corbin a taxi driver's hat in place of his captain's hat. Ahmad's final words are to make sure Corbin brings back Ahmad's friends, Carlos and Pepe. Carlos and Pepe are chickens, in a cage, in the taxi. Oh, those crazy Mexicans and their chickens! Seriously, isn't that a little bit offensive?

Corbin gets into the taxi, and the timer begins. Corbin peels on out of there and reads his first clue, which says: "Estacion de policia This not so usual suspect." That's not even a sentence, and that clue is hardly subtle. Also, I don't even speak Spanish, and I could figure that one out. That's horseshit. Corbin immediately figures out that he has to go to the police station and pick up Stephen Baldwin. Ahmad voice-overs that Stephen holds the second clue, which can only be opened when Corbin arrives.

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