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Seven More Celebrities

Ahmad sits the contestants down and introduces them to their journals, which will be the only place that they can write down their observations, which might help them on the quiz. Ahmad reminds everyone that the player who scores lowest on the quiz will be executed. Corbin interviews that it sounds horrible to say "executed." Ahmad emphasizes that they need to be aware of the movements of their fellow players, and of The Mole. Each player chooses a numbered journal. The camera focuses on Keshia, as she picks journal #2. Everyone begins writing. Stephen asks her which journal she chose. She turns the question around on him. Ananda says that she is #3, and Stephen says that he is #1. Mark says that he's #4. Tracey is #8. Angie says that she is #7. So Corbin is #5 and Dennis is #6, which I only know because they did a close-up of Corbin's notebook. Corbin announces that he's going to help everyone, and asks what the number of the taxi was. Ananda says that it was 151, and Corbin praises her. Tracey interviews that Corbin is behaving exactly the way she thought he would, based on her having watched the first season. Oh, Tracey. That wasn't the first season. And how sad for you that you think so. Anyway, Tracey says that Corbin pretends that it doesn't matter to him, but it does. Corbin wonders why there is one gold fish in the mural on the wall, and thinks that it might point to Tracey Gold. Tracey interviews that it will be fun to see Corbin unravel. Corbin walks over to the mural. Angie interviews that Corbin is into the game, and that he went up to the wall and smelled the paint. Stephen says that he's not denying that Corbin could be The Mole, but adds that he is saying Corbin is insane. Corbin laughs and agrees.

Ahmad says that it's time for the next game. He wants the two players who consider themselves the best salespeople of the group. Stephen immediately yells, "Mark and Corbin." Everyone else quickly agrees. Ahmad says that the game is called "Artifact or Fiction." He will take Mark and Corbin into another room, where they will each choose an artifact. One artifact is real, and one is fake. They will each have a minute to convince the other players that their artifact is real. If the players correctly pick the liar, they win $10,000 for the pot. If the players pick incorrectly, they don't get any money, and the liar gets an exemption.

Corbin and Mark follow Ahmad into the next room. I was confused at first as to whether or not Corbin and Mark know which one is fake, but it becomes clear that they do. Corbin chooses an artifact first, and Mark gets the remaining one. Ahmad gives them ten minutes to read the information they are given about their chosen artifact, after which they will make their pitches. Corbin picks up a huge gourd. Mark picks up a box with a rock inside, which he describes as "a phallic symbol." Ahmad voice-overs the rules again, in case you missed them.

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