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Corbin gives his pitch first. He keeps it short and to the point, as he explains that his artifact is a gourd the Mayans used to make tequila by stuffing it with the agave plant. Mark stands up and says that his artifact is "an ancient Mayan fertility piece." He stammers through his explanation and adds way too many details. It seems like obvious signs of lying, but I was thinking that he is an actor, so maybe he could act like a liar to try psych people out.

The other players convene to make their decision. Keshia immediately says that she thinks Mark is telling the truth. Angie agrees. Keshia tries to say that Corbin is lying because when they make tequila, they use the root of the plant, not the leaves. Except Corbin never said they use the leaves. He just said "agave plant." Angie totally interrupts and tells a story about how she saw something nearly identical to Mark's piece in a shop yesterday, and the salesclerk told her that it was a fertility symbol. They joke for a minute about Mark's fertility piece. Tracey says her gut told her that Mark was lying. Ananda doesn't know, because she knows that the Mayans did make their liquor they way Corbin said they did. Angie thinks Corbin is lying, as does Keshia. Dennis thinks Mark is lying. Stephen says that they have three for Mark and two for Corbin. Stephen hasn't voted yet. Angie explains her reasoning again to Tracey, who points out that Angie could be The Mole. Tracey wants to know what Stephen thinks. He thinks it's Corbin. Dennis says he'll go with the group. Stephen counts up, and Ananda and Tracey throw their votes in with the group, and vote for Corbin. Stephen asks Angie if she's absolutely sure she saw an artifact like Mark's that represented a fertility piece. Tracey interviews that Angie's story made her switch her vote. Stephen announces that they're going to say Corbin, and as they break up, Ananda says that she still thinks it's Mark, but that she's going with the group. Stephen says that if they are wrong, they will know a lot about Mark. I love how Stephen thinks he's the Mole expert now. Ananda points out that they will know a lot about Angie as well.

The group reconvenes, and Ahmad asks for their answer. Stephen says that they think Corbin is lying, and Ananda looks like she wants to kill herself for following the herd. Ahmad asks the liar to reveal himself. Mark is the liar. Ahmad congratulates Mark for gaining the first exemption of the game. Everyone applauds. Mark interview that the exemption takes a lot of pressure off him. Ahmad asks why they thought Mark was telling the truth. Stephen says that two things happened in the circle to sway his vote, but doesn't say what they were. Angie tells everyone her shopping story. Ananda interviews that Angie jumped in too quickly. Angie interviews that her strategy was to make people think she was The Mole, so she made up the shopping story. Ananda interviews that they lost money because of Angie's story. Ahmad points out that Stephen let them all believe Angie's story, and didn't question it much. Ananda agrees with that.

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