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As the players ride back to the hotel, they discuss the game so far. Stephen says that he totally knows who The Mole is, and Mark says that it's impossible to know this early. Angie says that Stephen knows because he is The Mole. She argues that he's a Baldwin, and that he wouldn't have come back again as a player. Because he's a Baldwin? Has she met Daniel and Billy? And, frankly, Alec? It's not like they are turning down jobs lately. Angie asks Dennis who he thinks The Mole is. Dennis says he doesn't give a fuck. Everyone laughs. Dennis says he's just going to make it to the final three and win all the money. I don't think Dennis quite understands this game, and if you read his "Stupid Questions" interview in the latest EW, he even admitted that he doesn't know what a Mole is.

In the other car, Corbin tells Tracey and Ananda that they should be glad they're not in the same car Stephen is, because he constantly says "dog." There's a quick montage of Stephen saying "dog" a lot, which concludes with him telling Mark, "Dog, you just drooled on yourself!" I want to know what made Mark laugh so hard that he drooled on himself.

The players arrive at the hotel and settle in. Stephen sneaks down the hallway to Tracey's room. Stephen interviews that he's not here for fun this time. He wants to figure it out, and he thinks Tracey can help him. Tracey comes out of her room, and Stephen says that, last time, he didn't think coalitions meant anything, and he was wrong. Tracey interviews that people might wonder why she went into a coalition with Stephen, but he was the only one who asked. Stephen and Tracey shake hands and look each other in the eye declaring, "I am not The Mole." Stephen says that Tracey blinked while saying it, and makes her say it again. Tracey says that if she's in a coalition with The Mole, she'll be pissed. Stephen asks who she thinks is The Mole, and Tracey turns the question around. Stephen says that he thinks it's either Keshia, Dennis, or Corbin. Tracey thought it was either Ananda or Mark. Stephen wants to know her reasoning. Tracey turns the question around again. Stephen spazzes, "Because it could be anybody!" Stephen interviews, "Tracey is scholastic -- very observant, like, cerebral. She's everything I'm not." Okay, that was funny. Stephen points out that they think opposite, so they can put their theories together and figure it out. They are interrupted by someone in the hall, and Stephen takes off while Tracey ducks back into her room. It's Mark, wandering around in the hallway. Stephen mugs for the camera about how he almost got busted while Mark makes jokes that he's got a naked woman in his room. I think Mark is drunk.

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