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Seven More Celebrities

It's time for the quiz. I'm not going to go through the questions, because you can read them on the official site. Dennis thinks that either Stephen or Corbin has to be The Mole, because there's no other reason they would come back. Okay, even if one of them is The Mole, the other one came back as a player, so that reasoning doesn't make much sense. Then again, it's Dennis Rodman. Stephen is worried about Dennis, because if he is The Mole, it'll be tough to figure out. Corbin says that if Dennis isn't The Mole, he might be executed tonight, because he doesn't seem to have grasped the quiz concept. Then again, Dennis could do what Kathy did last season and just breeze through the quiz quickly and avoid execution in the early rounds that way. Ananda wonders why Angie was so persuasive during "Artifact or Fiction." Angie says that she has her eye on Keshia because she's quiet, and because when Angie asked if she was The Mole, Keshia smirked and looked away. Stephen says that Corbin is on his suspect list. Tracey is going with Keshia and Angie, but she's really not sure.

The players file in for the quiz results and execution. Ahmad welcomes them, and reminds them that Mark and Keshia both have exemptions. Ahmad sits down at the computer to enter their names randomly. He reminds them that if the screen turns green, they get to stay, but if the screen turns red, they have been executed and must immediately leave the game. Ahmad enters Stephen's name first, and the screen goes green. Stephen cheers, but then quickly goes back to his poker face. Everyone congratulates him. Angie says that the tension is awful. Ahmad types in Corbin's name and Corbin kisses a piece of wood or something that he had around his neck. The screen goes green, and Corbin and Stephen high-five. Ahmad types in Dennis's name. I don't think Dennis has any clue what is happening. The screen goes green. Mark and Stephen try to slap hands with Dennis. He hits Mark, but leaves Stephen hanging, which cracked me up. Ahmad types in Ananda's name, and the screen goes red. Bye, Ananda! She says she knew she screwed up the first question. Ahmad leads Ananda out.

During the montage of Ananda leaving, Tracey says that Ananda was playing hard and taking detailed notes. Corbin says that Ananda thought she messed up the quiz, and might not have been ready for it. Angie says, "Better her than me." Mark says he'll miss Ananda. Ahmad hugs Ananda goodbye, and Ananda does a Gollum impression out of nowhere before her car takes off. So what was up with that clip at the beginning of Ananda beaning someone with a ball? Was that a game that wasn't shown? Or does Ananda come back?

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