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Six Celebrities

Quiz time. In a series of interviews, Corbin says that it all came together in the graveyard because Erik knew there were only bones in the coffin. Frederique says that Kathy could be The Mole because she's funny and pretends things. I don't know. She's foreign. Erik says that Stephen should have gotten American Beauty. Stephen says that Corbin is really good at the mind game, and that if Corbin is not The Mole, he's played the game very well.

The players file in and sit down to find out who has been executed. Ahmad gives them the green screen/red screen rundown. The first name is Kathy. Please, no. Please, no. Please, no. Whew! Green screen. I can relax now. Michael is next, and he also gets the green screen. Corbin's name is typed in, and he gets the green screen. Stephen is up next. As the music continues, I tell J-Dawg, "Oh, he's not getting executed because the music didn't change." And as I said the last word of the sentence, the screen went red. You'd think after two seasons of this show, I would have figured out that you can't predict it like that. Stephen is shocked. Actually, everyone is shocked. Stephen stands and puts on his sunglasses, then follows Ahmad out. In an interview, Stephen says that it's been awesome, and that it's the most fun he's ever had.

Michael says he'll miss Stephen's antics and spirit. Frederique says she'll miss when it's 2:00 AM and he would spout off some weird remark. Like that only happened at 2:00 AM. Erik says he'll miss Stephen's spontaneity, and that he was shocking. Corbin says it's been fun. Kathy looks at the camera and says, "He was a dick!" Everyone bursts out laughing. She continues, "Oh, my God. What an asshole! However, he's really, really funny and made me laugh really, really hard, and I have a big weakness for that. But what an asshole." In an interview, Stephen says he'll see Kathy on Howard Stern when this is all over. I think those two should take it on the road or something. Maybe he can guest-star on the new sitcom Kathy just got for NBC. God knows Baldwin needs the work.

My pick this week is still Michael Boatman. I know the cliff thing was a little over-the-top, but The Mole has to do something some time.

Next week: Corbin helps them build a raft and then tips it over and falls in the water. Erik has to make a tough decision, and Corbin thanks Erik for making it clear that he's The Mole. Ahmad reads pages from the player's journals, and Stephen makes a surprise appearance. I have a theory that the producers didn't want Baldwin back, but he just showed up and distracted everyone so they had to put him on camera.

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