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Six Celebrities

The cliff divers are up next. What about Corbin? Erik stands at the top of the cliff and contemplates his jump. In an interview, Erik says his intention was to jump as quickly as possible until he saw the water he'd be jumping into, which is quite rocky. An instructor shows Erik where to jump to avoid the rocks, and advises him on his timing so that waves don't hit him. In an interview, Erik says that he could go over the pros and cons of not jumping and what the other players would think, but his gut instinct is to jump. Erik sits on the rocks and breathes deeply as a clock counts down. I guess he has five minutes to do it. The instructor says that it's time. Erik leaps into the water. In an interview, Erik says it was thrilling, and that he'd do it ten more times. So Erik and Stephen have now successfully completed their jobs.

At the lava pit, Kathy gets ready to walk the lava pit. Ahmad pours some water onto the rocks, and it immediately steams up, in case you thought it was fake. The short order cooks have to walk across the hot rocks while carrying a plate, retrieve a chicken on the other side, and bring it back to Ahmad. In an interview, Kathy says, "Walking on hot rocks to get a chicken? I can go to a restaurant. A nice one. I make that kind of money." Kathy grabs the plate and makes her way over, "ooh"ing and "ouch"ing the whole way. She grabs a chicken with the tongs and puts it on her plate, then makes her way back. She succeeds. In an interview, Kathy says she could have died, easily. Well, "died"? That might be overstating it a bit. Blisters? Yes. Death? Not really.

Michael stands at the top of the cliff and prepares to jump. In an interview, Michael says that before he left, his wife told him not to jump off anything high, because he could fall back and break his neck, so while he was standing there, he heard his wife's voice. He also uses the word "literally" about three times in that short segment. Literally. Michael stands at the top of the cliff, and the instructor says that the longer he waits, the more difficult it will be. The instructor counts down, and Michael kind of makes like he's going to jump, but doesn't. He has four and a half minutes left.

Frederique gets ready to cross the hot rocks. Unlike Kathy, she runs. She also might have considered a sports bra for this task, because she is bouncing all over the place. She quickly gets the chicken and returns. Kathy cheers. So Frederique is successful.

Michael sits on top of the cliff. He voice-overs that he wanted to jump, because it's something he's always wanted to do, but he realized that the game is not whether or not he jumps. It's based on how the others voted. Michael stands there as time runs out and says he wants to do it, but he doesn't feel right in his head. See, now last week I thought he was The Mole, but his not jumping seems too Mole-y somehow, so now I think he's not The Mole. Then again, it is The Mole's job to keep money from going in the pot, and if he thinks that everyone predicted he'd do it, not jumping is a good way to keep the total take down.

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