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Six Celebrities

Ahmad voice-overs that the teams have less than two minutes to figure out the final title and dig up the coffin. Michael has to act it out, and it's a movie title with two words. Stephen figures out that the second word is "beauty," but can't get American Beauty. He even gets to "Ame-- Beauty." The best part is when Michael tries to get them to figure out the third syllable in "American," and points to his dick. Hee! Anyway, time runs out before they finish. In an interview, Stephen says that if the goal of The Mole is to keep money out of the pot, Michael is in big trouble. In an interview, Corbin says that Michael could be The Mole, but he's not. Corbin finds it odd that Stephen, who is knowledgeable about films and was in The Usual Suspects with Kevin Spacey, couldn't get American Beauty. I do find that odd. I mean, they got the second word, and the first letter of the first word! How tough is it after that?

The contestants and Ahmad all assemble in the graveyard to open the coffins and find out whether any of them contains the money. Ahmad reminds us via voice-over that the players found four out of the five coffins. Corbin says that he thinks Kathy and Erik would have gotten American Beauty in about two seconds, and Kathy does get it. She did have the advantage of having seen the headstones for Annette Bening and Kevin Spacey, though. Ahmad opens the first and second coffins -- the ones belonging to Chow Yun-Fat and Kenny. Both contain only bones. Before opening the third, Ahmad tells them that they can take $5,000 right now or take their chances. In an interview, Frederique says that she wanted to take her chances. They decide to go for it. Ahmad opens the coffin belonging to Harrison Ford; it contains only bones and no money.

Ahmad pauses again before opening the last coffin. He says he'll give them $10,000 right now, or they can take their chances and hope that the $25,000 is in the final coffin -- Josh Hartnett's. Ahmad says that the gravediggers get the final say, but that they can all confer. Corbin thinks that Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii and so are they, so the money is probably in there. I think he's giving the producers a little too much credit. Erik says that he pulled Hartnett's coffin first, and it felt the heaviest. Kathy is looking at Erik like, "Hello! Remember?" Kathy says that it could also just be a box of bones. In an interview, Kathy says that Erik knew from when he inadvertently opened the coffin that it only contained bones, so she was psychically trying to tell him to take the $10,000. Stephen asks Kathy what she wants to do, and she says she wants to take the $10,000. Erik says he thinks there is $25,000 in there. What I can't figure out is if he forgot that he opened it, or if he thinks there might be bones and money in there, or if he's trying to pretend he's The Mole, or if he is The Mole, or if he's just that dumb. There are a lot of options.

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