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In the opening series of interviews, Craig recounts how he almost died, Nicole wonders why she hasn't been executed yet when her Mole picks keep getting executed, Clay thanks God for keeping him healthy and in the game, and Paul promises us that things are going to get better because he's slowly getting under everyone's skin. Slowly? Because he was getting under my skin from the jump. I do wonder why Nicole hasn't been executed if she's doing poorly on the quizzes; I can only assume that there's at least one other person doing just as poorly, but answering the questions more slowly.

Uspallata, Argentina. Jon welcomes the players to an abandoned train station, and explains that it was formerly a holding cell for prisoners awaiting transport. He promises that this mission will be all about trust, which makes some people nervous. Craig mentions that he's still not feeling well, plus it's super cold out. Seriously, couldn't production get him some better outerwear or something? He's still just wearing a hoodie.

The players follow Jon inside the building as the sun sets. Once inside, the players are chained by the ankles to a wrought iron fence. Across from them is a jail cell with a key inside. Jon explains that the players are chained together in such a way that, by working together, they can create enough slack in the chain for one person to reach the jail cell and, when the window opens every ten minutes, extract the key. The player that extracts the key can only free him or herself, and will then join Jon by the warm fire. Presumably, the key then goes back and the process starts all over again. Jon states that if all of the players are freed by sunrise, they'll earn $25,000 for the pot. The catch is that beside the key is an exemption card. If a player chooses to take the card, no money will go in the pot, and no one will be unchained, so they'll all have to spend the night in the chained cold (which is the opposite of chained heat).

The contestants stand around and stare at each other for a minute, and then Craig volunteers that he'd really love to get out of the cold, and promises not to take the exemption. Mark isn't too sure about that idea. Paul interviews that Mark has changed since his journal was burned. Like how? Now instead of Super Veiny Soccer Dad, he's Slightly More Veiny Soccer Dad? Nicole says that she wants to get out of the cold too. Craig promises Mark that he won't take the card, and Paul points out that Craig's been having health issues. Everyone relents and moves so that Craig can advance, except Clay. He finally relents as well, and Craig gets the key and unlocks himself.

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