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Paul Free! In Van Number Two!

At the dinner party, everyone is discussing whether or not Mark is going to take the exemption. Clay doesn't think it's enough money to stop him. Mark joins everyone and Jon asks him what he did. Mark pauses and then asks what everyone else thought he would do. Paul says that he thought Mark would do the honorable thing because he'd feel too guilty to take the exemption. Clay brings up how Mark wouldn't give his word. Mark gets all dramatic and says that he has something green in his pocket, but it's a pack of mints. So he didn't take the exemption, and the total pot is $177,000. Clay interviews that now he's thinking that Mark might be The Mole, so he doesn't need the exemption. Mark interviews that he knew taking the exemption would ruin the social part of his game. Jon walks up to the table with fresh new journals for everyone. Mark interviews that his original journal was irreplaceable. Dude. It's not a child. It's paper. Relax.

The next day, the contestants drive to Mendoza, Argentina. Alex interviews that the drives are the only time that they can relax and enjoy the scenic views. Yeah, I sure wish this show was in HD. Although given the crappy ratings, I guess I should just be glad that the show is on. On the drive, the players start exchanging information for their journals, like birthdates. Paul refuses to give up his at first, but then does, although it causes an argument with Clay. Paul starts going at Clay for being a criminal defense lawyer and a Christian, because Paul claims that you can't be both? I guess he assumes that everyone who is put on trial is guilty. Clay really gets the better of Paul, who gets mad and starts cursing. Clay offers to take it outside of the van. I would definitely ask for a transfer to the other van. And hey, Craig does just that! He joins Alex and the girls in the other van. Clay interviews that he knew he would shake Paul up, but he didn't know it would be that effective. I do kind of enjoy seeing Paul unravel when someone finally stands up to him. Finally, Clay moves to the other van, and Kristen joins Paul and Mark.

Over in Alex's van, Craig and Alex start making up a song about Paul which quickly turns into the chorus of "Paul free! In van number two!" which is not only hilarious, but also sounds pretty good. Not since the days of the Kidney Stone song in Real World: Chicago have I so enjoyed an impromptu song made up while riding in a van. But also, if people are making up a song about how happy they are to be rid of you, maybe it's time to reassess your values. PAUL.

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