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Six More Celebrities

The episode opens with a series of interviews. Corbin vows that he's going to sit back, relax, and listen this time around. Stephen says that if Corbin isn't The Mole, and he's playing the game the same way he did last time, he's an idiot. Mark worries about the effect that losing the game might have on his ability to pick up chicks in clubs. I think he should worry about the effect just going on the show will have, even if he does win. Angie thinks anyone might be The Mole, other than herself. Mark says that his mother won't let him come over if he loses. His imitation of his mother involves speaking with his eyes closed and grunting at the end like Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade. If I were his mother, I'd kick him out of the family just for that. Tracey says that she could be The Mole. Dennis mumbles something that I can't really understand. Keshia says she can't wait until this is over and they know who The Mole is, because it's not her.

The contestants gather at some ruins. Keshia interviews that she knew they were in trouble when she saw Ahmad's crazy outfit. Tracey thinks that Ahmad is the only man who could wear that outfit and look good. Ahmad is wearing a Mexican-style suit, and a gigantic sombrero. He says he needs four players who want to stuff themselves, and three players who would like to swing. Remember when the clues on this show weren't totally sexual in nature? Anderson Cooper would never have delivered that line. The Stuffed Group (that's what the on-screen text calls them) is made up of Keshia, Dennis, Mark, and Angie. The Swingers are Corbin, Tracey, and Stephen. Tracey interviews that she was afraid "stuffing" would involve eating something gross or stuffing yourself with something. It was a strange choice to use that interview segment when she's known for having an eating disorder.

Everyone follows Ahmad over to some piñatas hanging from a tree. Ahmad tells each member of the Stuffed Group to choose one. Mark goes first and chooses a pink pig. Dennis takes the bull. Keshia takes a purple goat, and Angie is left with a green cat.

The contestants head over to the playing field for the next game. Giant versions of their piñatas are hanging high above the dirt. Locals are gathered around, dancing to music. I hope they got paid. Keshia interviews that she was scared they would have to ride in the belly of the piñata. Ahmad pretends to conduct the mariachi band. I'm glad he's having so much fun. Ahmad explains that the Stuffed Group members are going to stuff themselves into the large version of their chosen piñata. The Swingers will each get five minutes to break open a piñata, one each. Inside each piñata is a box. Three of those boxes contain money (which goes into the pot), and the fourth contains an exemption (which goes to the person who uncovered it). If a Stuffed Group member's piñata does not get broken, he or she gets to keep the box inside. If it contains money, nothing happens, and if it contains an exemption, the person inside the piñata keeps it. Got all that? I totally did not understand the instructions the first time around, and my husband had to explain it to me, and then he got confused, so we ended up having to rewind and watch it again. Thank God for TiFaux. Ahmad offers up a bit of strategy: Stuffed players need to protect their piñatas to have a chance at the exemption. Also, Swingers need to stay inside a circle of rope on the ground, or they will be disqualified.

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