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The Eleventh Betrayal

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The Eleventh Betrayal

Anderson tells the players that he's sure they are missing American food, so he has a special treat for them for dinner. He leads them to a tray piled high with McDonald's burgers and fries. Mmm. That would be awesome. The players pig out. Anderson asks if it seems real that the game is almost over. Dorothy doesn't think so. Al says that his game is almost over, because his experience the night before really pushed him to the brink. In an interview, Al says that when you are two executions away from winning the pot, you can't say that you're playing for fun anymore. Anderson reminds them that they are close to entering their final round, and that for one of them, this will be the final dinner. He wishes them luck.

Quiz Montage of Interviews. Bill doesn't think that a gutsy girl like Heather would run away from a snake. Dorothy is disappointed that Heather left her room and forfeited the pot. Heather thinks Dorothy has done a good job of making herself suspect. Dorothy will trust Heather until the next quiz, and then it's every woman for herself. Bill says that The Mole has to sabotage the game, and Dorothy has had more saves than screwups. Al thinks that Bill suspects Heather, Heather suspects Dorothy, and Dorothy suspects Heather. Heather thinks that Bill tries to appear trustworthy, which is suspect. Heather says that she's probably leaving tonight, because the quiz was the hardest that they've taken, and she guessed on a lot of answers.

The four remaining players enter the Execution Room. Anderson explains the same procedure that he does every week, then sits down to enter the names into the computer. First up is Heather, who gets a green screen. Al is second, and he gets the red screen. Yay! I would have been happier if Bill had been executed, but Al is a close second. I really just didn't want that doofus to win. As Al stands, he drops Bribs's Mole Killer onto his seat.

The Music of Al Finally Gets to Return to His Family plays. Al says that he kept squeaking by. Heather says that Al was never as confident as he should have been. Dorothy is floored, because she took the quiz so slowly, so she thought she was a goner. Bill thinks that Al is a great guy. Anderson asks Al if he has his good luck charm in his pocket, and he does. Fat lot of good those did him this week. Al says that he was able to stay away from "deceit and lies" in the game, and he's proud of that. Al wore a corset. Al loved his daughters. Al beat up Bill with an oversized Q-Tip. Al rappelled face-first down a dam. Al broke his own egg in the gladiator game. Al ripped Heather's flag off in Evader and spiked it. Al danced in the vat of grapes. Al bungee-jumped. And now, Al is leaving. Thank God. The longer this game goes on, the longer the Sad Montage ends up. Anderson once again asks each remaining player if he or she is The Mole, and they all say no. Bill holds the can of Mole Killer up to Heather's leg, and she asks if he thought flames would burst out of her nose. They all laugh.

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