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The Fifth Betrayal

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The Fifth Betrayal

Previously on The Mole: Al failed to open the lock on the chest during the rappelling game, and Heather informed us that the most important element of that game was trust. Al informed his teammates as to which answers they got wrong. Dorothy pulled "mistrustfulness" (the word, not the concept) out of her ass to help her team win some more money. Heather had not yet had an exemption. Patrick got executed.

As the credits end, Anderson reminds us that we should "watch for the clue to the identity of The Mole in tonight's episode." Hmm, doesn't he usually say "hidden clue"? Interesting. The episode begins with a series of interviews. Darwin -- suddenly sans moustache -- says that it's difficult not having exposure to the outside world or current events. Al laments how long it's been since he's seen his wife and kids. Bill says that he feels guilty about being away from home because his mother is very ill. Heather wants to go home, but she also wants to win the money, which she knows she can do.

Anderson voice-overs that the players have been away from home for fourteen days, and are now located in Vicenza, Italy. Stereotypical Italian music plays on the soundtrack. Anderson tells the assembled players that he needs three people who are swimmers, three people who are runners, and one person who likes to talk. Katie immediately raises her hand as someone who likes to talk, and Al also volunteers for that role. Anderson adds that the game only involves seven people; the three who are not picked will stay at the hotel and won't get to watch the proceedings. Al voice-overs that he immediately raised his hand, but then Darwin spoke out. Let the record show that Katie's hand went up first, but Al didn't appear to notice that. Darwin says he thinks that Katie should be the one to talk, because Al has already been the central figure in two missions. In an interview, Darwin explains that they haven't been very successful so far, but he stops short of blaming that on Al, even though you know that's what he was thinking. Darwin claims that it's really just a question of fairness. We don't get to see exactly how the decisions are made, but it ends up that Katie is the talker; Dorothy, Rob, and Elavia are the runners; and Darwin, Bribs, and Bill are the swimmers. Heather, Myra, and Al are sitting out. In an interview, Al says that he got more and more angry about Darwin's comment. Al bitches to Myra and Heather about Darwin's decision. I really didn't think it was that big a deal. I kind of hate Al. He just bugs me. I think it's those baggy denim shorts and the white sneakers. Could he look more like the stereotypical American tourist in Europe? All he needs is a fanny pack. Heather says that she'll be angry if she misses out on the opportunity for another exemption.

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