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The Final Betrayal

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The Final Betrayal

Previously on The Mole: A lot of stuff happened. Seriously, they showed clips going back to the first episode, and if you haven't seen it, I can't describe the whole thing to you now. Plus, they go over a lot of these individual clips with a little explanation later in the episode.

Anderson welcomes us to the final episode. It's been "many months" since Dorothy, Bill, and Heather took the final quiz, and now the results have been tabulated. Heh. That made it sound like it took many months to tabulate the results to a twenty-question quiz taken by three people. That is multiple choice. Couldn't they just fill out bubble sheets? Anyway, the three remaining contestants are sitting behind three locked doors in what look like little confessional booths. Not the Real World kind; the Catholic kind. Anderson promises to show us who is the winner, and who is The Mole, as well as how The Mole sabotaged various games and the clues from each episode. And all of the players from this season will be reunited.

After a quick bio for each of the three remaining contestants, Anderson asks us to watch a clip package showing suspicious moments from the three remaining players. First up is Bill. He refused to wear a diaper. He dropped and broke the greasy gnome, and got an exemption. He gave up early while treading water. Dorothy also had some suspicious moments. She refused to bungee-jump and didn't get to see her mother. She ate the last piece of cake and got an exemption. She threw up while running to count some steps. Heather failed miserably at picking out people's relatives. She refused to spend the night in a room with a giant python.

Anderson welcomes back the executed players. He explains that Bill, Heather, and Dorothy are waiting behind the locked doors nearby, and asks each of the executed players who they think is the winner, and who is The Mole. They respond in the order they were executed.

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