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The First Betrayal

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The First Betrayal

Anderson reminds Patrick that if they get one more incorrect answer, everyone's bags and belongings will burn. No pressure there, Patrick. Anderson asks, "Who has dressed as Marge Simpson for Halloween?" Patrick thinks and then shakes his head and guesses, "Lisa." He's wrong. The correct answer is Ali. Lisa starts crying as the crane lowers their bags into the fire. Katie also looks teary. The last name we see when the cameras zoom in before the bags go up in flames is Myra, if that's worth anything. All that nylon burning can't be good for the environment. Plus, I can't believe they really burned their bags. I don't think they were out of bounds in doing it, as some have argued in the forums, but it's still so wrong. I keep hoping that they were stunt double bags, and that they'll get their stuff back later in the season.

Katie cries about her cow, comparing it to "taking Linus's blanket away." Al says that he will miss the photo of his wife and daughters the most, since everything else is replaceable. Heather says that her Bible was in her bag, and that she's had it since she was thirteen, so it makes her angry. Bob feels like he should be upset, but he's not, and thinks he may be in denial. Darwin thinks that Patrick is sneaky, because Darwin would have guessed Ali as the type to dress up as Marge Simpson. Yeah, I have to say that Lisa would have been about my last guess there. I would have guessed Katie before Lisa. But maybe Patrick is just dumb. Lisa says that she's not happy with the choice of players, since she suspects both Dorothy and Ali of being The Mole. Well, maybe she should have spoken up when they were asked twice whether they had any objections. I think Lisa is going to be my Jennifer this year. Anderson informs the contestants that they will have the chance to get some more clothes later on, and that they will have their first execution the next day.

At dinner, Anderson says that they have a bit of business to do. That night will be the first quiz, and the first execution. Elavia has an exemption. Anderson wishes them luck, and they toast. Anderson voice-overs that the quiz features ten questions about The Mole, and that the player with the lowest score will be executed.

The players take the quiz. I'm not going to recap every single question, because you can download it at the official site. I'll just tell you what the various players say during the quiz. Patrick remembers that Elavia chose to go last on her section. Rob thinks that Elavia is an obvious choice for The Mole, since she took the exemption. Katie thinks that Al could be The Mole, given his high pulse rate. Al says that he could be The Mole, but that he also might not be. Myra says that when they took the blindfolds off at the very beginning, there were two people who looked straight ahead and refused to look at anyone: Elavia and Bribs. I'd like to point out that, according to the tape, Al also did not look around. And Elavia did look around. She only moved her eyes, not her head. Dorothy is suspicious of Bob, because he evades answers and tries to get away from her. Bob points out that Elavia said she could lie, cheat, and steal very well. Ali says that her suspicions are driving her nuts, because she keeps changing her mind. Lisa says that some people were emotionless while the bags were burning, particularly Myra and Bill. Maybe they just didn't have anything of sentimental value in there.

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