The Mole
The First Betrayal

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The First Betrayal

It's time for the first execution. Anderson will type each name into the computer. If a green screen appears, that person is clear. If a red screen appears, that person is executed.

The Music of Freaking Me Out Every Week starts playing as Anderson types in Ali's name. Ali gets the green screen and doesn't really react. Next up is Katie. Green screen, and she lets out the breath that she was holding. The next name is Al. He gets a green screen and closes his eyes, looking relieved. Patrick is next. Another green screen, and he throws his head back in relief. Bob's name is typed in. Wow, this seems to be taking a long time. Red screen. Bob is executed. The other contestants just sit there, unsure of what to say.

The Piano Music of Being Sad to See Bob Go Even Though We Barely Knew Him plays as Anderson leads Bob down the hall. In his exit interview, Bob says that he's glad he took this chance, and that he wishes everyone else better luck than he had. Ali thinks that Bob would have been a good, trustworthy friend. Al was relieved to get to stay, and he was shocked when Bob left, because he suspected him as The Mole. Darwin remembers the flames on the sleeves of Bob's shirt. Seriously. The dude was there for, like, two days. It's hard to have a lot of exciting memories. Bob gets into his getaway car (and there's no sign of his duffel bag, for those of you who asked) and Anderson walks back up to the castle.

Next week: Al, Elavia, and Katie all look angry. The contestants have to dress up in costumes for some reason, and Darwin looks really pissed off in a bunny costume, complete with floppy ears. Bribs is wearing a flimsy pink negligee. Interesting.

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