The Mole
The First Betrayal

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The First Betrayal
  • Patrick, 51, a city manager from Plainsboro, New Jersey
  • Heather, 25, a PR account supervisor from Dallas, Texas
  • Elavia, 26, a sales representative from Passaic, New Jersey
  • Lisa, 30, an assistant U.S. attorney and Comiskey Park beer vendor from Chicago, Illinois
  • Rob, 22, a magician and videographer from Rochester Hills, Michigan

    Anderson tells the contestants that they will need to be able to make judgments about one another quickly in order to succeed. The first game will test that ability, and the contestants have to pick two contestants who seem like natural-born leaders. Bill, the retired admiral, is quickly picked to be one of them. After no one else volunteers, someone suggests "the attorney." Aren't there two -- Darwin and Lisa? Apparently, they meant Darwin, who was surprised to be picked because he thought, "Most people don't really like lawyers." Well, we may not like them, but we know that they provide a valuable service. With the two leaders chosen, Anderson tells the contestants to fill some backpacks with warm clothes for an overnight trip, and also tells the leaders to assess the other contestants in order to determine everyone's participation in the next game.

    The jazzy riff of I Hope The Mole Isn't One of the Leaders plays as the players file into the next room to pack their bags. Each person has an official Mole duffel bag, and a backpack. Anderson voice-overs that the leaders used the time to assess the other contestants. Bill asks Rob whether he brought outdoor stuff, and Rob admits that he only leaves the house to go to work. He's one up on me -- I don't even leave the house to go to work. I officially became a hermit about a year ago. There was a little ceremony and everything. This year, I'm trying for the Howard Hughes Memorial Award for longest fingernails. It does make typing difficult. But enough about me. Bill also finds out that Bob does not bike, and that running is not his forte. We see a shot of a stuffed cow in Katie's duffel bag as she packs her backpack. Darwin discovers that Ali hasn't been camping since she was about ten years old. In an interview, Darwin says that you can't really tell by sight who is athletic.

    The creepy "Tubular Bells"-esque theme song plays as Anderson informs Darwin and Bill that the game consists of three sections, and that they will decide which contestant competes in which section. The first section is the Bike Crossbow Biathlon, which tests accuracy and athletic ability. The second section is the Pulse Rope Walk, which tests physical and mental control. Players will have to walk a high tightrope while keeping their heart rate under one hundred thirty beats per minute. The third section is called Swing For Life, and requires bravery. The contestants will swing on a rope tied to a bridge over a raging river. Besides picking which contestant competes in which section, the leaders also have to decide how much money to bet on each section. One can be worth $40,000, one can be worth $20,000, and the third must be worth no money.

    After absorbing this information, Darwin comments that he thinks the biathlon is "the most solid event." Bill agrees. Darwin suggests putting Bob, Bribs, and Rob on the biathlon, because "they all look the most athletic." This despite Bob telling Darwin earlier that he's not strong at biking. Bill also doesn't speak up to say that Rob said he never leaves the house. Anderson interrupts to remind them that The Mole will be completing one of the events, or that one of the leaders could be The Mole. Darwin says that he doesn't worry too much about that.

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