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The First Betrayal

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The First Betrayal

Heather heads up to the ropes first. Bill voice-overs that they tried to pick the women they thought would be calmest. Heather starts across the rope, and her heart rate barely moves above seventy. Al thinks that Heather is "as cool as the other side of the pillow." Bill comments that Heather's current heart rate is lower than his resting rate. Heather finishes her crossing quickly, and descends while the others applaud.

Myra is up next. In an interview, Bill says that Myra was "a natural selection," since she's used to high places, being a pilot. I think there's a world of difference between standing in a high place, and being in a plane. Myra says basically the same thing in an interview. Myra crosses fairly quickly, and her heart rate doesn't get above seventy-four. The others cheer as she descends.

Lisa is the third contestant. Bill thinks that Lisa is used to pressure, since she's a litigator. On the ground, Myra asks Al whether he heard her breathing heavily while she was crossing, and Al says that he couldn't hear a thing. Al thinks that he'll be fine during his crossing, after watching the others do it so quickly. Speaking of quickly, Lisa is across. They never showed her heart rate, but I assume that it was low since she didn't set off any alarms. Heather tells Al that it's his turn, and that the three women did it in three minutes flat (which isn't exactly true -- it was more like thirteen minutes). Al says that now he'll be insulted if he falls.

Al starts climbing the ladder, and his heart rate is also climbing. Before he even gets to the first rope, the alarm sounds indicating that his pulse is over one hundred thirty. Al has to freeze, as the others suggest that he take deep breaths. On the ground, Heather wishes that Lisa had been firmer on her desire to go last, and Lisa agrees. They have over forty-six minutes left, but the alarm is still sounding. The noise of that thing would certainly make my heart rate go up. Al comments that he's fine (but his voice cracks while he says it) and that he thinks the monitor is broken. Rob mentions that Al seemed really gung-ho about it, which is fishy. Ali points out that you can't fake heart rate. Rob claims that he wasn't saying that Al is faking it; he just thinks it's weird.

Anderson voice-overs that, after eight minutes, Al was able to continue. There are now about thirty-five minutes left. Al gets a few steps further, and the alarm goes off again. Lisa advises him to stay calm and not to get annoyed. Al bugs out his eyes and sighs as he freezes again, and we go to commercial.

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