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The First Betrayal

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The First Betrayal

Ali descends to the platform. The others watch nervously. Anderson, nonchalantly eating a sandwich, comments, "This looks pretty scary." Patrick asks Katie whether she's going to be okay, and Katie says that she's centered. Ali crosses herself, and makes the leap. She grits her teeth the entire way down, but makes it without a scratch.

Up on the bridge, Katie prepares to go next. She hands Patrick some items to hold while she jumps. Patrick asks whether she wants to take her rosary, but Katie is afraid that it will fall out of her pocket when she jumps. Patrick suggests that she tie it to her shoelace, which Katie does. As Katie gets buckled into her harness, she comments, "Tell Michael J. Fox I love him." Okay, Katie is now my favorite female contestant. And it's not just because I watched the Family Ties marathon on Nick at Nite last week. Katie descends to the platform and thanks God that there's no heart rate monitor on this section. Katie hyperventilates and tears up, but then the others count down and she falls. I think that while she fell, she actually said, "Holy schnikes!" just like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy. In an interview, Katie says that she wants to trust Patrick, because she doesn't think that she could have done it if Patrick weren't on her team.

Dorothy is up next. As she prepares, she voice-overs that since she didn't know how much money was riding on their section, she didn't want to let down her team. Dorothy completes the task without much in the way of histrionics. Patrick gets even less fanfare. He just shouts, "Geronimo!" and takes the plunge.

Anderson voice-overs that only one more player has to complete the task for the group to succeed, "but Elavia's decision is about to become more complicated." Anderson talks one-on-one with Elavia, and Bribs guesses that Anderson is offering her a deal. Anderson offers Elavia an exemption. If she agrees, it means that she's guaranteed to go on to the next round. To get the exemption, she has to refuse to jump, which means that the group won't get any money assigned to her section. Elavia comments that it's a tough spot to be in; all of the other contestants eye her uncertainly.

It's time for Elavia to reveal her decision to the other players. Elavia announces that she is taking the exemption, and thus forfeiting the section. There are two schools of thought on this one. It could mean that she is The Mole, and thus trying to prevent the group from winning any money. Or it could mean that she's not The Mole, and thus really needed the exemption to get through the first (and I would think, the most difficult due to the number of potential suspects) quiz. Or is she just trying to make people think that she's not The Mole? Man, this game fucks with your head. In a series of interviews, Darwin says that he was "miffed," but that he understood, and that he would have taken the exemption himself. Lisa looks particularly pissed off. Al says that he thought it was "too early to put your tail between your legs." Heather says that if Elavia had refused the exemption, she would have looked like a team player. Bribs says that if Elavia is The Mole, this was a really good way to cover herself up. Ali tells Elavia that none of them thought she would do it anyway, and Elavia looks pissed.

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