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The First Betrayal

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The First Betrayal

Anderson announces that it's time to reveal the amounts the leaders bet on each section. The Bike Biathlon was worth $40,000. The Pulse Rope Walk (or, as Anderson calls it, "Al's Event") was worth $20,000. Thus, Elavia's forfeit doesn't make a monetary difference, and the pot is now at $60,000.

Crazy James Bond Espionage Music plays as the contestants hike up a hill in the dark to a house. Anderson welcomes them to his "mountain hut." Anderson pulls out a journal with the number one on it and explains that each player will be given a numbered journal in which to take notes about The Mole's identity. The journals will only be identified by number. They make a big deal about this, for some reason. The contestants enter and pick up their journals. Lisa (I think) digs through the pile until she reaches the journal with the number ten on it. Anderson voice-overs that the journals are the only place for the contestants to take notes.

Inside the house, each contestant furiously writes in his or her journal and starts to share information from their applications, which will be necessary to answer the quiz questions at the end of each episode. Katie sits outside by herself. Bob asks Elavia a bunch of questions from the application, which she answers briefly. In an interview, Bob says that he "grilled Elavia a little bit."

Anderson voice-overs that most of the players took notes inside, but that Katie and Heather sat outside and discussed forming a "secret coalition." I love that every reality show has to think up other words for "alliance" in order not to rip off Survivor. Interesting that they are revealing this coalition in the first episode, when last year we didn't find out about Jim and Steve's coalition until the final episode. That makes me think that the coalition is ultimately not very successful. Heather and Katie say that they immediately felt that they could trust each other. Katie suggests that they work together, because she needs a sounding board for her ideas.

Inside, Bob asks Elavia what her greatest talent is, and Elavia replies, "Lying, cheating, and flirting." Katie explains to Heather that Elavia is her prime suspect. Katie remembers that Elavia seemed apprehensive about jumping from the bridge, and immediately offered to go last. Well, I love Katie and all, but that's not exactly how it happened. Actually, Elavia was given the choice to go last or second-to-last, and she chose to go last. All of the other spots had already been claimed. It's true that Elavia didn't immediately volunteer to go first, but she doesn't seem very outspoken anyway. Katie does all the talking and Heather does all the listening. In an interview, Katie says that she and Heather have a lot in common. Katie confesses that she often has a hard time reading people. Is this the reality show to go on if you have a hard time reading people?

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