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The First Betrayal

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The First Betrayal

Anderson tells them that if they lose, they will not only lose the money, but also their belongings. Anderson jokes that he hopes they like what they are currently wearing. Katie has her hand over her mouth, obviously upset. Heather comments that her Bible is in her bag. The four contestants selected earlier have to follow Anderson. The rest get to stay where they are, and they'll be able to hear the contest through an audio system. Bob gives Patrick a high five before he leaves. In an interview, Katie says that the pressure was on, and that she never thought they would have to play for all of their possessions.

As we see the bags hanging over the flames, Dorothy voice-overs that having everyone's personal belongings and sentimental items weighing on you is a lot of pressure. Anderson asks a teary Katie what's in her bag. Katie says that it's stupid, but that she has a stuffed cow she's taken with her everywhere, and that it's in her bag. Katie jokes to Patrick that she should have left it at home, and Patrick comforts her, saying that they'll get through this. Poor Katie. Let's just say that a certain recapper got a teddy bear for Christmas when she was five, and has slept with it ever since. No names. Well, the bear is named "Musey" because it used to have a music box inside. I fear I've said too much. Anderson explains that the four contestants will be asked questions about the information from the contestant applications. If they get one question wrong, they don't get the money. And, if they get four questions wrong, "it is burn, bags, burn."

Ali is up first. Her question is: "Who wrote in their application that they would like to normalize relations with Cuba?" Ali says that someone was talking about it a day ago, and guesses Darwin. Anderson tells her that she's wrong, and that the correct answer is Patrick. So now they don't win the money. The crane lowers the bags closer to the fire. The other contestants listen intently.

Dorothy gets the next question: "Who describes themselves as having a big ego internally, but is outwardly modest?" Dorothy says that she doesn't know, but that she's going to guess Bribs. Anderson says that she is wrong, and that the answer is Rob. The bags get a little closer to the flames. Heather covers her face with her hands.

Katie gets asked, "Whose favorite alcoholic drinks are Sam Adams lager, and wine?" Katie also has to guess, and gives the answer, "Bob." Anderson tells her that she is wrong, and that Al is the correct answer. The bags...well, you know the drill by now. Even if their bags don't burn at this point, they will certainly smell like smoke.

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