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The Fourth Betrayal

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The Fourth Betrayal

Previously on The Mole: Way back in October, I recapped the previous episode. Thank God ABC showed them again, because I would never have remembered what in the hell happened. Anyway, the players were forced to swap journals. Katie promised not to read the journal she ended up with, which belonged to Patrick. Darwin told Katie she'd be out of her mind not to read it. Patrick asked Anderson if they could do anything they wanted with the journals. Anderson said that they couldn't damage or destroy the journals. Patrick felt that swapping journals was like opening up his soul. Al defeated Bill in the Robin Hood game to get an exemption, and Al was granted a second exemption to give away to another player. Al ended up giving it to Katie, and Lisa was executed. Everyone seemed both surprised and extremely disappointed.

The credits have changed since the previous airing, and Anderson no longer says "saboteur." Boo! Here is the credit order this week: Al, Heather, Bribs, Elavia, Bill, Katie, Rob, Patrick, Myra, Darwin, and Dorothy. At the end of the credits, there's a really obviously tacked-on voice-over where Anderson reminds us to "watch for the hidden clue to the identity of The Mole." I have to say that this show is really hard to recap sometimes, because with other shows you can kind of skim over parts that are not that integral to the plot. With this one, I feel like any little moment might be a clue, and I want to help people solve the puzzle, so I try to mention who said what, and when, and editing, and blah blah blah. Yeah, I know. Poor me. Anyway.

In a confessional, Dorothy says she's sad that Lisa was executed, because they were friends and partners in a coalition. In a confessional, Rob says he hates that The Mole will play dirty and lie to his face. While Rob speaks, you can hear a fly buzzing around the confessional booth, and he is distracted by the noise. Immediately after Rob says the words "The Mole is going to lie to my face," Katie pops up and says, "I lied to Patrick and said I wasn't going to read his book, and I'm sorry, Patrick. I'm sorry." Interesting juxtaposition there. In a confessional, Patrick says that he's still there, and that's what counts. Back to Rob, who is apparently talking to the fly now. Back to Patrick, who says that they want everyone else to be executed. Back to Rob, who kills the fly. Elavia finishes the segment by noting that this is "a crazy, surreal experience."

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