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The Fourth Betrayal

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The Fourth Betrayal

The ominous thunder clouds are still rolling through, and now the rain has started. Anderson voice-overs that it's time for the execution quiz. Heather voice-overs that Elavia made her suspicious during the rappelling game, because she should have gone for the yellow flag, but she zipped right past it to go to the green flag. Bribs voice-overs that he suspects Heather a bit, because she knows his birthday, and yet she got the question about that wrong during the rappelling game. Katie voice-overs that she finds it both interesting and suspect that Dorothy figured out the answers to the puzzles at the last second. Hee! Darwin moves his lips when he reads.

The players assemble to find out which one of them will be executed. Anderson says that there has been a lot of discussion about Patrick removing pages from Katie's journal. It's a violation of the rules, and thus $5000 will be removed from the pot as a penalty. The players' lack of reactions to this news confirms my suspicions that they were informed of this earlier. Anderson reminds them that Dorothy, Bill, and Rob have exemptions and can't be executed. Anderson sits down at his computer and starts typing in names. First up is Elavia, who gets the green screen. One time, I want them to have the executed person's name be first, just to fuck with us. Next up is Bribs, who also gets the green. Heather gets the green screen and looks relieved. Myra also gets green, and barely smiles. Darwin seems very, very relieved at the appearance of the green screen. When Katie gets the green screen, she rubs her hand over her face in relief. Seriously, if Katie is The Mole, she deserves an Academy Award. Patrick's name comes up, and the Bass Note of Impending Doom sounds, so no one is really surprised when the screen is red. Anderson escorts Patrick out, and as soon as he leaves the room, the others let out a nervous chuckle.

Outside, Anderson asks Patrick if he's surprised, and Patrick says he's disappointed, but not surprised. Instead of the "We're So Sad that Patrick's Gone" montage, we get the "He Was a Jerk Who Deserved To Go" montage. Heather says that she knew his execution was coming by how Patrick played the game. Al says that it was only a matter of time, because Patrick wouldn't get the information he needed from the others. Darwin says that he thinks Patrick had narrowed his Mole choice down to two people, and that if he had narrowed it down to one, he wouldn't have needed any information from the rest of them anyway. Katie says she feels sad that Patrick left on a negative note, because there were a lot of positives about the experience. We see a very short montage of those positive experiences, which involves the image that will forever be burned into my brain: Patrick running around in a Speedo. Anderson helps Patrick into the car, and Patrick takes off. Goodbye Patrick with your ambiguous sexuality and your creepy vibe!

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