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The Fourth Betrayal

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The Fourth Betrayal

Back on the bus, Myra asks if anyone got the hussies' names. Patrick says that the girl with black hair was Manuela and the blonde was Katia. Rob insists that it is the other way around, and Rob is right, according to my tape. Heather asks who cannot change a flat tire, and she is the only one who raises her hand. In an interview, Heather says that she could probably change a tire if she had to, but "that's what AAA is for." Heh. Katie says that if they find any "hot guys without pants that need help fastening them" they should pull over. So wait. If these fictional guys don't have any pants, what do they need help fastening exactly? I don't think I want to know. Bribs thinks it's a little fishy that there were "two obscenely hot women" who needed their tire changed. Okay, "obscenely hot"? Hardly. Did you see how tight their pants were? It gave the phrase "read my lips" a whole new meaning.

In an interview, Myra says that just as they thought they were almost to their destination, another lady came up to them at a gas station and asked for assistance. Darwin speaks to her and finds out that she has a flat tire. Darwin, Bill, and Al get right to work changing the tire while the others stand around and watch. The old lady thanks them. In an interview, Al says that they told her that they drive around Europe and help ladies with flat tires, but they realized that it was too much of a coincidence and that something fishy was going on. On the bus, Darwin comments that it was funny that the woman approached them instead of the gas-station attendants, who might actually know something about cars.

The players finally reach the Villa Trento. Anderson welcomes them and explains that because they helped both groups of women, they have earned an extra $30,000 toward the pot. Do you get the feeling that the producers were worrying that these fuck-ups weren't going to have any money at all by the end, so they fabricated this game to make things interesting, at least? Because who wouldn't stop and help? Come on. The players are psyched. Anderson explains that there was a hint in the telegram; the last line of the telegram said, "Are you ready for another helping? Stop." If they had only stopped and helped the hussies in the first group, they would have lost money from the pot. In an interview, Heather says that the females would have never let the males get away with just helping the hussies anyway. That whole test is so gross to me. I would like to think that there are guys out there who would actually be more likely to help the old lady, who might actually need the help since she might be physically unable to change a tire, than the hussies, who are young and fit.

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