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The Fourth Betrayal

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The Fourth Betrayal

The smart group (Bill, Dorothy, and Rob) join Anderson, who explains the rules, including how exemptions are earned. Anderson further explains that they will get two tries to answer each brain-teaser, and then an overdubbed Anderson explains that if the first answer is incorrect, they will have one minute to come up with the correct answer. They get thirty minutes to solve all five brain-teasers. The smart group heads inside to check out the brain-teasers. The dumb group observes on a television placed outside the villa.

The first brain-teaser involves a 3D depiction of a stack of cubes, and asks for the total gallons needed to cover all exposed surfaces, if each side requires two gallons of paint. If I were handier, I would try to replicate the puzzle for you so that you can play along at home, but I'm not that handy. Bill intently studies that puzzle. Outside, Anderson reminds Katie that, a few nights earlier, she was saying that she wouldn't go for an exemption if it meant going against the team. Katie says that her strategy has changed, and that she needs to work for herself now. She adds that she'll be happy if the smart team gets some questions right. Patrick asks Katie who she thinks The Mole is. Katie says that she doesn't know, and that she's not going to tell him. Patrick says that he thought she was dumb enough to tell him. I think he was referring to her being on the dumb team, but the joke fell flat and Katie "jokes" that she would be dumb enough to punch him in the face. Heh.

Inside, Bill heaves a big sigh as he checks out the next puzzle. Anderson reads it to us: "Bob went out to buy some fishing equipment. He spent half of what he had, plus $5, at the first store. At the second, he spent half of what was left, plus $4, and at the third store, he spent half of the remainder plus $3. He then had $5 left to put aside for bait. How much money did he start with?" Rob, Bill, and Dorothy all try to solve the puzzle. Bill talks his solution out loud, which would so annoy me if I were trying to do math. I know the solution involves algebra, but I just tried to do it on paper and ended up with an answer of zero. There's a reason I was an English major. In an interview, Bill says that the puzzles were quite difficult.

Anderson voice-overs the next puzzle, which is one of those sequential things involving geometric shapes. Rob checks it out and chooses an answer, which Bill accepts.

The next brain-teaser involves a pie divided into four sections. Each section has letters in it. You have to pick one letter than can be inserted into each section in order to form a word with the letters already in the section. Got that? The letters in the first section are P, A, R, and E. The letters in the second section are P, A, T, and E. The letters in the third section are G, A, and P. The letters in the fourth section are P, U, R, and E. This is the only brain-teaser that I solved, by the way. That makes me think it's pretty easy, and I'm surprised that the dumb group picked it, although maybe they were trying to have a mix of puzzles requiring different skills, like one that required math, one that required logic, one that required spatial reasoning, etc. I would think that a better strategy would be to choose puzzles that all required the same kinds of skills. That way it's an all or nothing proposition. Either no one on the smart team has that skill set, and the dumb team gets exemptions, or someone does have that skill set, and lots of money gets added to the pot. In an interview, Rob says that Bill is "the numbers and math guy," Dorothy is "the word person," and he has a little bit of each.

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