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The Ninth Betrayal

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The Ninth Betrayal

Previously on The Mole: The contestants had the opportunity to earn the right to see their loved ones. Katie chose Heather to be her eyes, and Heather failed. Katie wondered if she had entered into a coalition with The Mole. Dorothy failed to figure out that her mother would predict she would do a bungee jump. Katie was executed.

After the credits, Anderson's exhortation for us to "watch for the hidden clue to the identity of The Mole" is back in its regular spot. The episode begins, as usual, with a series of interviews. Al says that he has "limited knowledge of The Mole and such little direction as to the identity of The Mole." Darwin thinks that Al and Bill have been chummy, and he wonders if Al is sharing information with Bill that Darwin shared with Al first. Bribs says that he liked the game the way it was, and now he feels like the contestants will be pitted against one another.

Lucca, Italy. Still. The six remaining players arrive for breakfast to find a clue from The Mole on the table. It's a note made of letters cut out of magazines in the manner of a ransom note. It reads: "Four more losers. Which will you be? I'm counting down, dwindling numbers are key." Well, it's better than most of the crap-ass rhyming clues on Survivor. Surrounding the words on the paper are a bunch of numbers. It appears to be the numbers one through fourteen, signifying that the game started with fourteen contestants and will eventually be down to two: The Mole and the winner. In an interview, Darwin says he thinks it's detrimental to try to figure out the clue before the mission, because it might throw you off-track. I can see what he means about keeping an open mind, but I think it makes sense to try to formulate some theories; just don't settle on something as the one, true answer. The contestants scribble furiously in their journals. Al thinks out loud about what the clue might mean, which would be so annoying. Shut up, Al. In an interview, Bill says that he came up with nothing from the clue.

Anderson knocks on Bill's hotel room door. Bill lets him in. Anderson says that since Bill was the last player to leave the table at breakfast, he's been given an opportunity for a neutralizing mission. If Bill succeeds, he will neutralize another player, which means that player cannot receive an exemption in this round. If Bill fails, he will be neutralized himself. Well, I guess that makes the decision fairly easy. Anderson pulls out a small sticker with a green fingerprint on it, similar to the show's logo. He hands it to Bill and explains that Bill must somehow place the sticker in the pages of another player's journal to neutralize that player. Anderson says that Bill can't tell anyone about his opportunity. If he succeeds, the neutralized player will be revealed at dinner, but even then, Bill's not allowed to confess that he was the one who did it. Bill accepts this mission, and Anderson leaves. In an interview, Bill says that neutralizing other players is part of the game, and in a way, he's trying to neutralize all of the other players in order to win. Whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night, Bill. (I'm kidding. I don't blame him for doing this.)

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