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The Second Betrayal

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The Second Betrayal

Previously on The Mole: the players' bags got burned, so many of them lost cherished items including Katie's stuffed cow and Heather's Bible. Bob was executed, and we all went, "Who?"

Anderson explains how the game works, but doesn't get to say "saboteur" this season, which is so disappointing. I loved when he said "saboteur." As the credits end, Anderson voice-overs, "Watch for the hidden clue to the identity of The Mole." I hope the hidden clues are a little less lame this year than they were last year. Then again, it would be extremely difficult for them to be lamer.

In an interview, Heather says that she feels dirty because she has to wear the same clothes every day. Katie says that her friends will be shocked that they burned Meadow Muffin. That's her cow's name? That sounds like a euphemism for cow poop, if you ask me. Heather bitches that the whole thing is ridiculous. Bribs says that this is a "cruel game." If this were The Real World, the song "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak would start playing in the background. Katie says that she's playing for Meadow Muffin now.

The hills are alive with the sound of music. It's Day Four, and they are still in Switzerland. The contestants approach Anderson, who says that they are probably sick of their dirty clothes. Anderson adds that he is, because they all smell and attract flies wherever they go. Hee! Anderson explains that there will be new clothes waiting at the next location -- which is St. Moritz -- but that they will play a game first. Anderson tells them to pick "two women with the best fashion sense, and one man who needs some fashion advice." Elavia volunteers, and someone suggests Dorothy. Everyone agrees with those picks. Bill checks out his own outfit and announces that he needs fashion advice badly, even though no one was suggesting him. So, for those of you looking for motivational clues, Elavia and Bill volunteered for this one, and Dorothy was nominated. Anderson needs the Fashion Consultants (Elavia, Bill, and Dorothy) to follow him. He asks Bill whether he needs fashion help, but Elavia doesn't think that Bill does.

The Fashion Consultants approach a bunch of costumes hanging on clotheslines. Anderson explains that they will assign one costume to each contestant. That contestant will have to wear the costume on the 4:35 PM train to St. Moritz, and find a specific hotel there. For each player who wears the costume to the hotel, $2,000 will be added to the pot. That means the potential total is $20,000. The costume has to be worn the entire time, and if any one contestant misses the train, no money is earned. With two and a half hours until the train leaves, the Fashion Consultants check out the costumes. They try to find the most embarrassing costume, and pull out a green Speedo. Dorothy asks Anderson whether it's meant to be worn alone, with nothing underneath it. Anderson replies that it's a bathing suit, so it's fine. Anderson voice-overs that after assigning costumes, the Fashion Consultants were sequestered, and the other contestants were brought up in pairs.

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