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The Seventh Betrayal

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The Seventh Betrayal

Previously on The Mole: Anderson told the contestants not to touch the bikes, and Heather did it anyway. As a result, the group was fined $10,000. The results of a quiz among the contestants showed that Elavia was the least favorite player, and thus she was offered an exemption, which she took. And I don't blame her one bit. In the end, Myra was executed, shocking...well, me, because I thought she was The Mole.

Still miss Anderson saying "saboteur" in the opening credit sequence. Anderson reminds us to watch for "the hidden clue" to the identity of The Mole. So it's hidden this week, and there is apparently only one.

In an interview, Bill says that the game is very complex. I think I figured out what bugs me about Bill. When he speaks, he overemphasizes the letter S, so he kind of sounds like a cartoon snake. In an interview, Elavia says it's hard because they are down to eight people, and it blows her mind that one of her fellow contestants is a "freaking stinking liar." In an interview, Katie says that she hates executions, and she wishes they could play the game so that no one had to go home. Well, then it wouldn't be a game, would it? It would be a vacation. That was televised.

Al, Darwin, Elavia, and Dorothy discuss the game. Darwin advances the theory that the Mole is the contestant who has received the most exemptions; Dorothy and Elavia have each had two. Darwin jokingly calls Dorothy "exemption face," and Dorothy mocks him, "Ooh, them's fighting words." Elavia suggests that perhaps The Mole never got an exemption. Darwin says that Heather might be The Mole then. Elavia was actually talking about Darwin, but Darwin points out that Bribs hasn't gotten any exemptions either. Darwin says that they spend two hours a day pointing the finger at each other, and Elavia says that really only Darwin does that. Darwin agrees with that assessment. Only two hours? I'd be casting doubts 24/7.

The contestants are in Lucca, Italy. Anderson voice-overs that the pot stands at $236,000. The contestants gather for breakfast, and for some reason, the camera focuses in on the sign leading to the dining room. It just lists the hours for dining. Hmm, but all the times listed are in military time. Bill was in the military. I'm just saying. The players show up at the breakfast table and find that there is a little gnome doll sitting in each of their coffee cups. Attached to the gnome is a message that says, "I will break you. The Mole." Bill voice-overs that each gnome was a different color, and all of the contestants rushed to write down what color gnome each contestant had.

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