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The Tenth Betrayal

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The Tenth Betrayal

Previously on The Mole: Heather and Al made toe jam wine and added money to the pot. Bribs, Darwin, Bill, and Dorothy managed to get a car inside a greenhouse and added money to the pot. Bill was offered an exemption to sabotage a game, and he took it. However, Bribs intentionally sabotaged the game first. And Darwin unintentionally sabotaged the game before that. So no one got an exemption, and no money was won in that game. Bribs said he hoped to keep his integrity intact through the game. Darwin was executed.

After Anderson reminds us to watch for the hidden clue to the identity of The Mole, we begin the Opening Interview Montage. Dorothy says she's annoyed that there are only two girls left, which she feels will make it a tougher game, and hopes that one of the girls will make it to the end. Bill is tired of not being in control, because he usually is. Heather thinks the only thing that will get her to the end is observation, and she thinks an exemption would be nice. Bribs plays with the skin on his neck as he says he's tried to stay within his own moral boundaries, and he hopes to continue doing so, but he realizes it's coming down to the end, and it's time to play. And then he stretches out the skin on the side of his neck, and it's really gross.

Rome, Italy. Day 31. The players have a day of rest and take an opportunity to explore the sights. Al holds out a picture of his kids so that they can see where he is. In an interview, Al says, "Everyone is playing the game harder, more conniving, more deceiving than they have in the past." The players all throw coins in the Trevi Fountain, and then they get henna tattoos from a street vendor. In an interview, Dorothy says that she hasn't had a coalition since Elavia left, and that it's been lonely not having someone she can "bounce ideas off." In an interview, Bill says that everybody is ready to play the games and cast their lots, because they all have their favorites picked.

In the van, Bribs says that he's curious to see how exemptions are offered. Heather says that the person who gets it is lucky. Bribs asks if people would take $80,000 or an exemption. Both Heather and Al would take the exemption. Bribs thinks it would be cool if someone won the game with no exemptions. Heather points out that the only people who could do that are Bribs and herself. Al says he's out, since he got an exemption. Bribs just thinks it would be cool. At this point, I figured Bribs was the one leaving tonight.

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