The Mole
The Tenth Betrayal

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The Tenth Betrayal

The Sad Montage of We Love Bribs begins. Like last week with Darwin, I'm actually kind of sad. Bribs tells Anderson that he had a blast, and he wishes he could stay and play because he thinks the next game will be exciting. Anderson asks if Bribs is happy with the way he played the game. Bribs says that he is, and that he didn't have to compromise himself too many times. Heather says that she'll miss Bribs a lot, but she's happy that she's still there. Al says that Bribs had a great attitude, and will be missed. Bill says that Bribs loved the game. Heather says that Bribs was the most selfless person she's met, and she really likes him a lot. Heather and Bribs, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Dorothy says that Bribs was the most caring player out of all of them, and was always looking to help the other players. Bill thinks that Bribs's parents did a great job raising him. ["Aw. When he said that, I really agreed. Bribs was very sweet." -- Wing Chun] Heather says that she's going to make sure a Texan wins the game and concludes, "I'll miss you. I really will."

Anderson returns and asks each player, "Are you The Mole?" Of course, they all say no. Wouldn't it be funny if one of them was like, "Yeah, it's me. Can we go home now?" Everyone pretty much just says, "No, I am not The Mole." Except Bill, who goes last, and says, "One of those three's lying, because I'm not The Mole." The camera shows a close-up of each remaining contestant's face while the words, "Who is the Mole?" appear on screen. And of course, the word "Mole" appears during Bill's close-up. I really don't want Bill to be The Mole. Dammit.

Next episode: there appear to be a lot of bugs and worms and such. Yuck.

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The Mole




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