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The Tenth Betrayal

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The Tenth Betrayal

The Big Red Map Arrow shows us that the players have traveled to L'Aquila, Italy. Anderson welcomes them to Piazza Duomo, home of the daily market. He asks for two players who like to shop. Dorothy and Heather giggle and offer themselves up. Anderson snarks that the game is "redefining gender roles." Anderson tells the ladies to come with him.

Anderson gives Dorothy and Heather 200,000 lire, which is the equivalent of $100 in the U.S. They have to go on a shopping spree that lasts an hour, buy at least ten items, and drive the hardest bargain they can. Anderson hands over the money and an English/Italian dictionary, as Heather and Dorothy look confused, trying to figure out the point of the game. They begin shopping, with Dorothy reading words out of the dictionary to the best of her ability.

The three men wait on a rooftop or balcony nearby. Bribs wonders what the women have to do. Al wonders what they are buying. Bribs guesses that they have to eat what the women buy. Bill and Al laugh.

Down in the piazza, Dorothy and Heather try to barter. They spend 40,000 lire on three items. In an interview, Dorothy says that she found it hard to barter, partly because of the language barrier and partly because the vendors were getting annoyed with their bartering. One vendor tells them that something will cost 14,000 lire, and Heather thinks that he says 40,000. The vendor puts his hand over his face, frustrated. Heh. Later, they have spent 110,000 lire on seven items. In an interview, Dorothy says that she doesn't think they drove a hard bargain, but she was feeling victorious that they saved fifty cents here and there. Up top, Al wonders what the girls are doing, what they are buying, and why they are buying it. It really annoys me in semi-tense situations when people ask questions that no one knows the answer to. So just one more way that Al would annoy me.

Anderson voice-overs that the women have completed their part of the shopping game, spending 200,000 lire on ten items. The men come down to see what has been purchased. Heather and Dorothy unload various items from their shopping bags: some red purses, a wire brush, two hatchets. Anderson notes that they went for variety in shopping. Anderson tells the men that their job is to sell the items for a profit. In an interview, Al wonders why the women bought eggplant in Italy. Oh, yes. No Italian dishes have eggplant. Like eggplant parmesan? Al also denigrates the purchase of hatchets and a big squeegee. Like the women had any clue whatsoever why they had to buy these items. In conclusion, shut up, Al. Anderson tells the men that they have until the close of market, which is at 1:00 PM, to sell what they have and make a profit, even if it's only a one lira profit. There's a guy standing behind Anderson's shoulder, totally listening in on the conversation. Ha! If the men succeed, they will earn $30,000 for the pot.

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