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The Tenth Betrayal

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The Tenth Betrayal

Bill announces that they have fifteen minutes left. Bribs starts yelling in Italian that someone could buy everything they have for sale for 120,000 lire. No one takes him up on the offer, and the market closes. Anderson walks up. Al jokes that he was just getting the hang of it. Anderson counts the money and comes up with 96,000 lire, so they didn't earn anything for the pot. Anderson says that there was a morality test, and that since they returned that guy's money, they earned $10,000 for the pot. The total is now $386,000. Another thing that annoys me about Al (and I realize the list is getting long): he wears his sunglasses down far on his nose and then peers over the top, like, either wear them or don't wear them, but the peering is annoying. In an interview, Al says that he thinks the most potential for sabotage came in the buying part of the game, because he didn't think the men had a chance to sell any of that junk. In an interview, Bill says that he couldn't have sold some of those items to his mother, and she loves a bargain. Up top, Dorothy and Heather discuss their options. Heather thinks that the key is to get someone to fumble on the quiz. Dorothy asks who Heather wants to knock out first, but before we can hear the answer, we go to commercial.

The players are now in Santo Stefano, which Anderson tells us is "a small hilltop village with maze-like streets, alleys, and tunnels." This will be the location of the next game. The players gather atop a seventeenth-century lookout tower on the highest point of the town. Anderson tells them that the game is worth $50,000, and that it's kind of like hide-and-seek. Actually, it's more like Ghosts in the Graveyard, but who am I to quibble over childhood game metaphors? One player tries to avoid capture by the others, and is called the Evader. Another player, known as the Tracker, must hunt down the Evader. Nine Mole thumbprints on green paper have been planted throughout the town. An overhead map shows us where the thumbprints are planted. If the Evader retrieves five thumbprints in less than thirty minutes, the group gets no money, and the Evader gets an exemption. If the Tracker catches the Evader first, the group earns $50,000. Three lookouts will be posted in the tower to help the Tracker find the Evader. The Tracker captures the Evader by ripping a green flag from his or her backpack.

Before the game, the players were asked who they would like to see win the pot other than themselves, and Heather was chosen, so she is the Evader. Anderson reminds Heather that she's wanted an exemption for a long time. Heather says she thinks this is a critical round, and that "an exemption would mean the world." Anderson tells Heather that the other players don't know that she will have a walkie-talkie (so she can listen in on their communications) and a map with the location of all nine thumbprints on it.

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