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The Tenth Betrayal

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The Tenth Betrayal

The players were also asked who they least suspected of being the Mole, and they chose Al "by an overwhelming majority." Okay, there are only four people voting (assuming that Al couldn't vote for himself), so what is an overwhelming majority there? All four? Why didn't they just say unanimous? The overhead map shows that Heather starts at one end of the village and Al starts at the other end, with the tower almost directly in the center. In an interview, Al says he realized that he's not fooling anybody in the game, and wondered how he would win, but he also thought that he was fooling all of them. What does that even mean? I don't know. Anderson tells Al that if he captures Heather's flag in less than thirty minutes, he'll get an exemption in addition to the money for the pot. Al is psyched. Anderson hands him a walkie-talkie and wishes him luck. In an interview, Al says, "At this stage of the game, an exemption is worth a free pass to the next round, and that's gold. That's gold." Unlike the other stages of the game, where an exemption didn't mean a free pass to the next round? Also, quit channeling that Seinfeld guy.

Anderson tells the contestants that the game begins now. Heather sets out, looking at her map. On the tower, the lookouts divvy up their duties. Anderson voice-overs that one of the lookouts has to spot Heather before Al can start chasing her. Bill makes sure that Al can hear him. Al can. Bill says that they will tell Al when to go. Heather sneaks down some alleys. In an interview, Heather says that this is a lot harder than she anticipated, and she realized that the thumbprints are definitely in the tower's view. Al asks Bill what the plan is. Bill says that they are still searching for Heather, and that they've already spotted some green thumbprints. Al asks if everyone is around the tower looking down. No, they're lounging around drinking martinis. Of course they are looking down! Al drives me insane. Bill sounds a bit frustrated as well, and tells Al that as soon as he gets the word, he needs to haul ass towards the tower.

Heather finds a green thumbprint, but it's in Dorothy's view. Heather waits until Dorothy turns her head, and snatches the thumbprint. Only three minutes have elapsed. Heather slowly walks up an alley, ducking in doorways, and manages to nab another thumbprint. But, Bribs spots her while she's in the act and calls Bill over to point her out. Bill gives the information to Al about Heather's location, and tells Al to start running. You can see that Bill is pressing the button down while talking. (In light of future events, some people were speculating that Bill didn't have the button pressed.) Heather hears that she's been spotted; she squeals like a baby pig and then starts running. Bill gives some more location information to Al, who says that he copies it. And then he just stands there. He's not moving at all. Bribs keeps an eye on Heather, and tells Bill to tell Al to hurry. Bill promises that Al is coming as fast as he can. Bill radios Al to say that he should keep heading for the tower, but they haven't seen Heather again. Al looks confused, and then asks Bill whom he's talking to. Bill says, "You." Al asks whether they've spotted Heather, and Bill sounds astounded that Al hasn't moved yet. Al takes off. What was that about?

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