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The Tenth Betrayal

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The Tenth Betrayal

Bribs asks Bill if he told Al to go, and Bill says that he did. Bill gives Al all of the information they have about Heather's location again. Heather listens in on her radio. In an interview, Heather says that as soon as she heard that she was spotted, she got flustered. She ran and got the third thumbprint, but felt totally helpless. Dorothy yells to Al to go in a different direction. Al stops and turns around, then follows Dorothy's advice. Dorothy continues shouting out directions. Heather turns a corner and sees Al coming toward her, but he's still a good fifty feet away, at least. Instead of trying to get away, Heather just stops in her tracks and throws the thumbprints on the ground. I would have at least made the attempt to look good. Al grabs the flag and spikes it on the ground, then yells that he got her and puts his arms in the air in celebration. One of those things would have been acceptable. Doing all three kind of crosses a line. Al holds the green flag up so that the lookouts can see it. Only five minutes have elapsed. Man, they must have shown that game in real time!

Heather leans over, upset. Al asks if she's all right. Heather cries and says that she's just tired of the game. In an interview, Al says that "the wind just came right out of her sails and she pretty much just gave it up." Heather thinks that this was her one chance, but Al points out that she's gotten this far without an exemption, so she can keep going without one. Heather shows Al the map to indicate how hard the game was. Bribs yells out that he's sorry. Heather says that she knows they are all happy, but she's not. Al says that it's a hard game. Heather swears and stalks off, still crying. This reminds me of Kathryn's breakdown last year. In an interview, Al says that he thinks Heather is upset about the entire game, not just this one mission.

Al and Heather rejoin the others at the tower. Anderson says that Heather got three thumbprints, and that the team earned $50,000 for the pot, but that Heather was denied exemption. Anderson reveals that there was another exemption earned. Al tells the others that he earned an exemption for succeeding as the Tracker. In an interview, Dorothy says that the only other player who is as confused as she is would be Al, so it hurts her when he earns an exemption. Anderson tells the players that the game isn't over. He offers them the chance to replay the game, and earn $100,000 for the pot if they succeed this time. Heather would be the Evader again, and earn an exemption if she succeeds. Anyone else can be the Tracker, but that person cannot earn an exemption. Anderson points out that they can take a gamble for more money, but if they lose, there would be two exemptions going into the next execution. Bill asks if there will be the same rules as before, and is told yes. If I were Dorothy, Bill, or Bribs, I would be like, "Hell, no!" Al wouldn't care, because he's already got an exemption.

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