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The Tenth Betrayal

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The Tenth Betrayal

After the break, Anderson says that they'll take a vote and the majority rules. Heather votes yes. Dorothy votes no. Heather kind of shoots her a look like, "Thanks a lot, coalition partner." Bill votes yes. Bribs votes yes. Anderson asks Al, who doesn't answer. Anderson sharply says, "Al?" Heh. I think Anderson is as annoyed by Al as I am. Why does Al care, anyway? He's got an exemption, so his odds of survival don't decrease if another is given out. Al points out that they already have three yeses, so his vote doesn't matter. Anderson would still like to hear it. Al thinks about it and votes yes. Anderson says that they have to pick a Tracker, and Bill immediately nominates Bribs. In an interview, Bill says that his entire career has been spent judging people's capabilities, and he had no doubt that Bribs could win the second game. Anderson leaves with Heather and Bribs. In an interview, Heather says that she thinks most of the players voted yes because they didn't think Heather could do it.

Al tells Dorothy and Bill that he feels bad for Heather and wants her to get an exemption, but he also wants to get the money. In an interview, Bribs says that he feels confident enough in his abilities to risk having two exemptions going into the next round. In an interview, Heather says that she knows where some of the thumbprints are this time, so she has an extremely different strategy. You'd think they would switch them around to give Heather less of an advantage. ["Unless Heather is The Mole, and the producers want her to have a better chance at getting an exemption in order to make her look less like The Mole." -- Wing Chun] Anderson gives the go signal, and the lookers start looking. Anderson reminds us that Bribs can't start looking for Heather until she is spotted by the lookouts. After five minutes, Bill radios Bribs to say that Heather is taking it slow and easy this time. After twelve minutes, Heather has still not been spotted. Bribs reminds them that he needs all the time he can get.

Heather nabs the first thumbprint without being spotted. I really find myself rooting for Heather in this game. Is that wrong? Dorothy says that Heather has to be in a certain area, because she saw a green thumbprint there earlier, and now it's gone. Bill gives that information to Bribs. Al wants to rotate lookout stations. Bill walks over to Dorothy's spot, but Dorothy's not moving. In an interview, Al says that he doesn't trust the other two lookouts, and either of them could be The Mole. Al yells at Dorothy to take his spot. Dorothy -- probably because she knows Heather is somewhere in sight of her lookout station -- refuses to leave until she is replaced. In an interview, Al makes it out like he's the smartest guy ever for suggesting the rotation, but I can totally understand why Dorothy doesn't want to leave her station open. Whoever is in her station has the best chance at spotting Heather, so why leave it unmanned, even for a second? Dorothy finally rotates.

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