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The Tenth Betrayal

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The Tenth Betrayal

Heather grabs her second thumbprint and Dorothy spots her. Bill tells Bribs to go, and Bribs takes off like a shot. Bill gives directions to Bribs. Al and Dorothy both see Heather, who grabs another thumbprint, bringing her total to three. While the lookouts scramble to keep an eye on her, Heather grabs another thumbprint, bringing her total to four. One more for the exemption. Bribs asks where he should go. Al tells Bribs to hold fast, and Bill tells Bribs to hang out around the tower and catch his breath until they spot Heather again. There are fifteen minutes left. In an interview, Bribs says that he's trying to replay the map in his mind and remember where all of the thumbprints are, and he knew that Heather probably had four. Bribs yells up to Dorothy to tell her what areas he has cleared. In an interview, Heather says that she was taking her time and listening to the radio to see if she could figure out where Bribs was, and he was coming straight for her. Heather hides behind a wall as we hear her voice-over that if Bribs turned the corner, he would have nabbed her right there, so she waited and waited. Al thinks that Heather is going the long way through town. Bill calls Heather "that sneaky little Texan."

In an interview, Bill says that Heather has four thumbprints, and they can see the other five, so it's just a matter of guessing which one she will go for next. Heather sneaks out of her hiding spot. Anderson tells them that there are nine minutes remaining. Bribs patrols the remaining thumbprints. In an interview, Heather says that she looked down a corridor and saw the thumbprint, and thought that even if they spotted her, Bribs couldn't reach her in time. Heather starts running down a street. Bill tells Bribs where Heather is, and Bribs sprints over. Bribs reaches Heather seconds before she gets her final thumbprint, and removes her flag. Al feels bad for Heather. Sad music plays as Heather studies the map again. In an interview, Bribs says that Heather thought the game was won, and that she had the exemption within arm's reach. In an interview, Heather says she's furious that Bribs tagged her, and that she had two shots at exemption and failed both times. Heather and Bribs walk back to the tower. Heather tells Bribs that he just did his job, but that she's pissed at herself.

Anderson asks Al how it feels to make $110,000 in one day. Al says it feels good. Anderson asks if Al has ever made $110,000 in one day. I don't know that I've made $110,000 in my lifetime! Okay, I probably have. But barely. Al and Bill joke about that. Al says that it's a good day for the pot, but a bad day for Heather. Anderson tells the players that their gamble paid off, and that they earned $100,000 for the day. With their $10,000 earlier, that brings the pot to $486,000. Al says that he thinks it was a great and fun game.

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