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The Third Betrayal

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The Third Betrayal

The players gather to find out which one of them was executed. Anderson announces that the total pot is at $91,000. Al and Katie have exemptions. This week, there was a tie for the lowest score, and thus the player who completed the quiz the slowest will be executed. Anderson starts entering names into the computer, and if a green screen comes up, the player gets to stay. A red screen means execution. Heather gets the green screen. Patrick gets the green screen. Darwin gets the green screen. Dorothy gets the green screen and barely smiles. Lisa...oh, they've waited a beat too long. screen. There are many groans from the collected players, so I gather this was a surprise. Darwin, in particular, looks very upset. I think Bill is crying.

Katie (who suddenly has a cast on) says that Lisa was her roommate, and that they talked about everything. Dorothy is floored that Lisa was executed, because she had a great memory for detail. Darwin thinks that Lisa was the smartest player. Well, she was also the slowest. Lisa wishes everyone luck, and says that she will miss them. She will miss Dorothy and Darwin a lot, and says that they are both good players. Bill notes that Lisa just said that you have to trust someone in the game, and Bill thinks that you can't trust anyone. Anderson gives Lisa a big hug goodbye and promises to go to a ball game with her when he goes to Chicago next time. I hope he's treating, because she's unemployed. Dude, that sucks.

Next week: the players go to Italy. Patrick says that he will use deceit to continue. The players have to rappel down the side of a wall, face-forward.

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