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The Third Betrayal

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The Third Betrayal

Myra stops at the front desk to try to get directions. A waiter gives her some directions, and she takes off down the street. A bystander gives her further directions; she finds the envelope and reads the card inside. At the top, it says "Neutralizer," but I can't read the rest of the text. Myra returns to the hotel and hands Anderson the card. Anderson walks back into the room where the other contestants are waiting. Anderson reads the card aloud: "Neutralizer. This card grants you the ability to neutralize one of your fellow players. Once neutralized, a player cannot receive any exemptions in this round of the game. Neutralizing a player will add $10,000 to the pot." Anderson voice-overs that because Myra was chosen, she gets to pick the player to be neutralized.

Myra asks whether they may talk about it, and Anderson says that they can. Myra tells the others that there have been three people who already got exemptions, and asks whether they feel that one of those people should be neutralized. Everyone agrees. Myra asks whether Elavia, Dorothy, or Lisa wants to volunteer, and none of them do. Myra calls for nominations. Darwin nominates Dorothy. Heather nominates Lisa. Myra asks for someone to second the nomination of either Dorothy or Lisa. In an interview, Lisa says that during that process, she was just praying that someone would second Dorothy's nomination. Bribs finally speaks up and seconds Dorothy's nomination, so Myra announces that Dorothy has been neutralized, and $10,000 is added to the pot. In an interview, Dorothy can't believe that Darwin and Bribs nominated her for the Neutralizer, that it was "so rude," and that she will remember it. Hmm. Interesting that Dorothy called it rude, and not something stronger. That's just not the word I would have chosen. Unless I was The Mole, and didn't really care about exemptions!

The players head back to their rooms with their new journals. In a series of interviews, we learn more about the journal each contestant received. Darwin got Al's journal, and Al wasn't happy about it. Myra reveals that she got Katie's journal. Katie says that she didn't care that Myra got her journal, but she asked Myra to cross out some bad words that Katie had written in there. Why? Won't she read them when she's crossing them out? I guess it's insurance against future journal swapping.

Elavia confronts Katie, saying that she heard that Katie was calling someone a bitch in her journal. Katie admits nothing, and Elavia keeps picking and picking at it. So clearly, Myra told Elavia about it, because who else would have known? Katie won't admit that she was talking about Elavia, and Elavia won't ask her directly, so they talk around the issue for a while. You know, it's not the things that Elavia says; it's her whole attitude that is just bitchy. In an interview, Elavia says that she doesn't care if Katie doesn't like her, because she won't have to spend time with her after the show is over. Katie tells Elavia that she might not read Patrick's journal, but Elavia encourages her to do so. Elavia leaves her new journal sitting on the table and leaves the room. Katie immediately starts reading her new journal, as she voice-overs that she doesn't want Elavia to know that she is reading it. Katie also plans to share her information with Heather. Katie reads to the camera, saying that Patrick's "May be Mole list," was Dorothy, Elavia (crossed out), Darwin, and Bribs.

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