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The Third Betrayal

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The Third Betrayal

In an interview, Elavia reveals that she got Rob's journal, and that Rob didn't take any notes. Rob says that he didn't care when they switched journals, since he didn't write anything down anyway. Elavia shows the camera a section Rob wrote called "The Mole Observations," and it's all about Elavia, including how she winked at him. Elavia says that now she winks at Rob all the time, to fake him out. Would The Mole really wink at someone? It's not like they're playing Drug Dealer.

Bill says that he has Heather's journal. Bill looks through it and says that, like the rest of them, Heather thinks at any given moment that any of them could be The Mole. In an interview, Heather says that she was expressive, which others might consider suspicious and thus be leery of trusting that information.

Lisa shows us that she has Bill's journal. Lisa says that it's very poignant, and it's written like a letter to his wife. Aw. Unless he's The Mole and it's all fake. Oh. Dorothy says that she has Elavia's journal. Elavia had come up with potential Mole profiles, a male one and a female one. Dorothy says that she is one of Elavia's suspects, because she is "not overly attractive." Dorothy has a good laugh over that one.

Dorothy wonders why so many people think she is The Mole. Lisa replies that Dorothy is quiet, and that some people equate "quiet" with "suspect." In an interview, Dorothy says that Lisa is her ally. In an interview, Lisa says that if Dorothy isn't The Mole, they will work well together, and if she is, Lisa thinks she'll be able to recognize that and work on getting rid of other people. In an interview, Darwin says that Lisa told him that Dorothy isn't The Mole, and that Dorothy wants a coalition with Lisa. Darwin told Lisa to go ahead, because then he has access to Dorothy's information as well. In an interview, Lisa says that she hopes Darwin and Dorothy don't find out about her coalitions with each of them.

The contestants arrive at a beautiful lake at the foot of the Alps. It's picture perfect. Anderson tells them they have two minutes to pick one player who is good at matchmaking. No one says anything, so Al volunteers, and everyone supports that decision. Anderson explains that he's feeling sorry for them, since they're not making money. All they have to do to earn money in today's game is get across a bridge; the bridge is two logs bound together and placed over the water. For each person who gets across the bridge, they get $5000 in the pot. Anderson tells them that, as always, there's a catch. He reminds them of the story of Robin Hood, and how he met and fought Little John on a bridge. Well, I remember when Daffy Duck played Robin Hood and fought Little John on a bridge. That's one of my favorites. Anderson introduces their version of Little John and Little Jane. A gigantic man walks out of the woods, accompanied by a fairly large woman. In an interview, Al says that one of the mountains in the mountain range started moving, and then Al realized that it was a man, not a mountain. Little John is big. Biiiiiig.

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