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The Third Betrayal

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The Third Betrayal

Anderson explains that, while crossing the bridge, each player will battle Little John or Little Jane, using what look like oversized Q-Tips -- big sticks with large pieces of foam at either end. Al will decide whom each player will battle. If a player touches the water, he or she is eliminated. The players who make it across the bridge don't just add $5000 to the pot; they are eligible for a second round, and the winner of the second round earns an exemption.

The players get into wet suits. Al, Anderson, Little John, and Little Jane cross over to the other side of the bridge. Anderson announces that Al has already earned a place in the second round. At least three players must battle against Little John. Lisa is up first, and Al decides that she will battle Little Jane. Lisa manages to knock Little Jane into the water and crosses the bridge. In an interview, Al says that after Lisa won, he thought, "Giddyap! We're in the bucks." Al is kind of like Kramer.

Next up is Patrick versus Little John. Patrick goes down. Heather gets to fight Little Jane. Heather loses her balance before she even reaches Little Jane, and falls into the water. In an interview, Lisa says that Heather claimed that she used to be a gymnast, so it's odd that she fell off a log that's twice the width of a balance beam. Bill faces Little Jane. They both get knocked off-balance during the fight, but Bill manages to stay on the bridge while Little Jane falls into the water. So now, Lisa and Bill have successfully crossed the bridge.

Al decides that Dorothy will face Little John. I guess his strategy is that Dorothy has no chance of beating either of them, so he might as well put her up against Little John and then allow someone else to go up against the far-more-beatable Little Jane. Dorothy can't even hold up the stick, because it's too heavy. In an interview, Al says that Dorothy is "like Mr. Magoo without her glasses," and is "making out shapes, trying to swing at the mountains." Who knew Al was such a comedian? Predictably, Dorothy doesn't last too long against Little John.

It's Rob against Little John. After a lot of tough talk, Rob's foot slips and he falls off. Myra has to go up against Little Jane. After a few pokes with the stick, Myra calls out, "Head shot!" and runs off the bridge. Al voice-overs that you're not supposed to hit in the head, and that Little Jane did, so Myra won by disqualification. The winnings are now up to $15,000.

Al declares that Bribs will face Little Jane. Bribs actually has a brilliant strategy. He runs across the bridge and catches Little Jane off guard, since she was just starting to walk out to the middle. Bribs is easily able to push Little Jane into the water and make it across. Al pits Elavia against Little Jane. Elavia falls into the water like a tree after it's sawed down. I expected one of the other players to yell, "Timber!" Elavia has apparently gotten a bunch of water up her nose, but she's fine.

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