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The Third Betrayal

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The Third Betrayal

It's down to Katie and Darwin, and one of them has to go up against Little John. In an interview, Al lays out his options. He could have Darwin go against Little Jane, probably win, and have to fight Al for the exemption. That would also mean more money in the pot, but it would basically mean sacrificing Katie. Al announces that Darwin will face Little Jane. Both players lose their balance, but Darwin manages to leap back to the shore, while Little Jane falls into the water. The winnings are now up to $25,000.

Katie has to go up against Little John. Al voice-overs that "all the blood dropped out of [Katie's] face." Katie tells Little John that he's going down. Katie actually does a decent job, but loses fairly quickly. The final addition to the pot is $25,000.

For the exemption, the players who made it across (Bill, Bribs, Darwin, Myra, and Lisa) will have to fight matches set up by Al until only one remains. Al will fight the winner for an exemption. In an interview, Al says that everyone wants the exemption, and is putting his or her own needs ahead of the needs of the team. Well, that makes sense to me. The team doesn't win the money -- an individual does.

Al says that the first battle will be Darwin and Bribs. In an interview, Al says that those two are most like him physically, so he wants to get rid of one of them right away. Darwin wins that round. Next up is Darwin versus Bill. Al explains that his strategy is to tire Darwin out. Bill stays solidly on the bridge while Darwin falls into the water. In an interview, Darwin says that he hit Bill, but Bill didn't move an inch. Next up is Bill versus Lisa. In an interview, Myra says that Al wanted to weed out the big boys. Lisa looks deadly serious as the match begins, but Bill manages to push her into the water. Bill immediately apologizes. Bill versus Myra is the last match, and as expected, Bill wins quickly. In an interview, Bill says that he didn't like going up against Lisa and Myra, but that he also didn't want to lose to them. In an interview, Al says of Bill, "He's big. He's strong. I don't care how old he is."

While Al prepares for the match, Anderson asks Bill about his strategy. Bill replies, "Don't fall in the water." Heh. Bill and Al face off. They both fall into the water at about the same time. In an interview, Al explains that it's considered a draw, and that they have to fight again. This time, Al knocks Bill into the water, and then struts around happily. He does, however, extend a hand to help Bill out of the water. Anderson reminds everyone that Al won the exemption. In an interview, Bill says they noticed that Anderson was far too dry. The contestants then gang up to knock Anderson into the water. Actually, Anderson kind of runs away from them and jumps into the water himself. Either way, it was funny. After Anderson gets out of the water and jokes that he will remember this, Darwin tells him that it was for the "burn, bags, burn" remark. Anderson soaking wet? Not bad.

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