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Three Celebrities

Previously on Celebrity Mole: Michael and Erik hula-danced while Kathy and Frederique surfed. Kathy failed, so they didn't win a prize. Erik failed in his opportunity to win more money for the pot. Kathy and Erik discussed strategy. Kathy, Michael, and Frederique all failed to keep Erik from winning an exemption. Then, Michael was executed.

The episode begins with a series of interviews. Kathy says that The Mole got her. Erik says that Michael was his candidate for The Mole. Frederique says that either Erik is The Mole and he can't handle the pressure, or he just can't handle the pressure. Erik whispers that he's been working with Kathy (which is footage we've seen before) and says that if she's The Mole, she's been screwing with his head.

Big Island. Hawaii. It's the last day, and the pot stands at $151,000. The players get into a van and head to a game. In an interview, Frederique says that they all realized that they are on their own. In an interview, Kathy says that after Michael was executed, she just wanted to be as guarded as possible, and she ended her coalition with Erik because it wouldn't work for either of them anymore. In an interview, Erik says that after Michael's execution, his strategy became to be extremely observant. So that wasn't his strategy before? Erik asks Kathy why she wears her watch on her right wrist. Kathy says she doesn't know, because she's right-handed. That is weird. I wear my watch (when I wear a watch, which is rarely) on my right wrist, but I'm left-handed. Erik writes this information down. The stuff about Kathy, not the stuff about me. Frederique follows suit, and finally Kathy does too. In an interview, Erik says that the coalition helped him, but now it's "every man for himself." I realize it's just a saying, but you wonder if he realizes that he's the only man left. That's assuming you consider him to be a man.

Ahmad welcomes the players to the Cloud Forest. He reminds them that one of them is The Mole, and one will be the winner. Then he says that it's tradition on the show to play a game called Three Questions, where the players test how well they know each other, and also how well they know what the other players think of them. We see footage of each player filling out questionnaires. One player will run off and hide. Three questions will be selected from the hidden player's questionnaire. If the other two can correctly guess how the hidden player answered, they will find the hidden player and win $10,000 for the pot. Even one wrong answer will mean that the hidden player is not found and no money goes in the pot. Ahmad asks for a volunteer to hide first. The players all look at each other. Kathy stares at Frederique and says, "You go hide." Frederique is like, "Excuse me?" Kathy tells her again to go hide, and Erik is like, "Run along!" Frederique gets all pissed off at Erik's tone and they all laugh. In an interview, Frederique says she didn't want to follow Erik's orders. In an interview, Erik says he thought Frederique felt threatened by him. No, she thought you were a little punk, because you are. In an interview, Kathy says the three of them are not a "feminine, nurturing group," and that they're definitely "not crocheting a blanket." The word "blanket" takes on new meaning after the Michael Jackson interview.

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