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Three Celebrities

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Three Celebrities

Ahmad reviews the questions. They got the first one right, but Erik said he'd rather be stranded with Kathy on a deserted island. In an interview, Erik says that Kathy had the right idea with the whole supermodel thing. Erik tells them he chose Kathy because they enjoy hanging out together. Kathy adds that she's also hot. Ahmad reviews the dirty-underwear question, which they got right, and he asks Erik why he said Kathy. Erik asks Kathy not to slap him, and reminds her that just that morning she was talking about how dirty her bathing suit is. Kathy says that it's true that she will wear a dirty bathing suit. Are there really people out there who wash their suits every single time they wear them? What if you're, like, at a lake, and you go swimming, and then put dry clothes on, and then later that day you want to go swimming again? I guess rich celebrities have enough bathing suits that they just put on a new one every time. Erik points out that Kathy's worn that shirt before too. Kathy sadly admits that she's dirty.

Now it's Kathy's turn to hide. Ahmad asks Frederique and Erik the first question: "Who is more likely to stiff a waitress?" Frederique says that it's probably her because she's Dutch. So she usually goes Dutch? Erik says that Frederique is a girl, and girls don't usually pay for the meal, so they also don't tip. What? Shut up, Erik. They agree to go with Frederique. Erik is worried because they've always gone to Ahmad's left after the first question, and he thinks they are wrong already. The second question is, "Who thinks they have better hair?" Erik thinks it's him. Frederique agrees. Ahmad clarifies, "So you guys think that Kathy would think Erik's hair is better than [Frederique's] hair?" Um, that wasn't the question, dude. Shut up, Ahmad. Erik sets him straight. Ahmad asks the third question: "Who is more likely to gain weight when they get older?" Frederique giggles and Erik asks what would be the funnier answer. It's so sad that he has to ask. Frederique says the funny answer would be to say her, but she thinks Kathy would say Erik. Frederique tells Erik to call it, and he wants to go with himself. Now suddenly Erik thinks they won, even though he was all doom and gloom earlier. They call out Kathy's name, but she doesn't appear. They go and find her, and she seems very grouchy.

Kathy asks if they got the money, and groans when she finds out they didn't. Ahmad reviews the questions. They got the first one right, and Kathy says her reasoning was that Frederique is European, and they don't always tip. Erik and Frederique agree. Ahmad reads the hair question. Kathy says it was a toss-up, but that she went with Frederique. Erik reminds Kathy that she was talking about his hair in the makeup room the other day. Kathy makes up some bullshit about how Frederique works with her hair, and also that she got a haircut that day and mentioned it. Frederique realizes that's true. For the weight-gain question, Kathy also said Frederique, because women gain weight as they get older. Ahmad points out that Kathy answered every question on the list with Frederique, not just the three that were used in the game. Kathy says she didn't know Ahmad knew that, or that he would reveal it. Erik says that was brilliant. Kathy says she just decided to go with one person and hope that the others picked up on it. Didn't someone do that in the first edition of this game, which I'm sure Kathy watched? ["If you click on that link, you'll see that's what Jim did in the first season." -- Wing Chun]

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