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Three Celebrities

In an interview, Kathy says she kept trying to cheat with Erik while they were filling out the questionnaires, but that they weren't allowed to talk or make hand signals, so she mouthed to him that she was voting for Frederique. In an interview, Erik says he didn't pick up any of Kathy's hints. In an interview, Frederique says that Kathy's strategy was hardly a strategy, and that it seemed like a Mole-ish move. Ahmad reminds them that they won $10,000 out of a potential $30,000, and that it seems like they don't know each other that well. Frederique says they need to spend more time together. They all don't seem very excited about that. In an interview, Frederique says they don't work well together and that Kathy committed the perfect sabotage. In an interview, Kathy says that Frederique tried to act irritated and Kathy was like, "Go ahead. Work it." Kathy looks at the camera and says, "At least I had a strategy. And Frederique looks a know what I mean? In the hips. That's all I'm saying." Frederique cackles as they walk off. In past seasons, people got really upset during this game, but I think that is because (a) they aren't celebrities who are used to being paid to go hang out with people for a while and (b) the players have usually been together for a lot longer than a week by the end of the game. ["And I would add that (c) the questions they have to answer are usually a lot meaner. I mean 'Who is more likely to lie to your face?' vs. 'Who has better hair?' Please." -- Wing Chun]

Ahmad voice-overs that it's the players' last dinner together. Ahmad announces that he has a game for them to play for fun. He has a bowl with all seven players' names written on slips of paper. Each person has to pull a name out and imitate that player, and that the others have to guess who it is. Kathy says that if she ends up imitating one of them, they can't get mad. They agree. Kathy draws a name. She immediately starts going, "I'm just too honest to play this game," and pretending to push her braids back. They immediately guess that it's Kim Coles, who I kind of forgot was ever on the show. Kathy jokes about her extensions and Ahmad dies laughing. Is he drunk? Frederique goes next and says she has to stand for hers. She starts yelling and swearing and then says, "It's about safety, guys!" Kathy yells out, "Baldy!" I so wish they had called Stephen Baldwin that to his face, because I don't think he would have liked it much. Erik picks a name and stands up and starts talking in this oddly high-pitched voice: "Well, I got a good one for you tonight. Sooo, the other day, I was...bah dum bum!" That last part was him doing a rimshot. Kathy very seriously goes, "You son of a bitch. Is that supposed to be me, you little shit? What am I, Shecky Greene? Where's my stogie and do I actually do my own rim shot when I talk?" Hee! That was the worst imitation ever. Although if you've ever listened to the Mallrats DVD commentary and heard Ben Affleck try to do Denzel Washington as Malcolm X, that would be a close second. Erik tries to give Kathy a hug and she pretends she's still pissed. Ahmad reminds Kathy that she said no one could be offended, and Kathy says that she gave herself an exemption. Ahmad asks if they are ready for the next game. Erik corrects him to say it's the last game. Dramatic music swells as the players look around.

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