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Three Celebrities

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Three Celebrities

Ahmad voice-overs, "At midnight, the players were taken to an exotic mansion on the shores of Keauhou Bay for their last chance to add money to the pot." The three players walk into a beautiful house, all wearing black jumpsuits, for some reason. In an interview, Kathy says she walked into the gorgeous house and thought maybe the game would be to order around the staff, which she would definitely win, but then she realized she was wearing "a very uncomfortable jumpsuit with giant stickers on it." Ahmad announces that they are about to play the final game, which is worth $75,000. They need to find the five-digit combination to a safe. There are three numbers that make up the combination: it's a one-two-two combination. They will also have to figure out the correct order of the numbers. Ahmad has three clues to get them started, but the pieces of paper appear blank because the clues have been written in invisible ink that can only be seen under black light. A black light comes on, and the player take turns reading the instructions: "To read your clues, you'll need a light. Discover the 'switch' to make black bright. As Goldilocks knows: one was too hard, one was too soft, one was just right." So clearly the first clue is in a bed. Ahmad says that if they solve the instructions, they will know how to turn on the black light, and at that point, he will give them their first clue. They have one hour to finish the whole thing.

Erik suggests that the clue refers to them, and so one of them is soft, one is hard, and one is Goldilocks. Good one. It's clearly beds. Kathy figures out that it's beds, but she's not positive. There are a bunch of beds around the house. Frederique finds one that has a pillowcase with writing on it, and she calls the others over. She reads it: "It takes two to make black light bright. Lie back, be still until the clue is in sight." Erik and Frederique lie on the bed and the black light comes on. Erik tells Kathy to run over there and get the clue from Ahmad. Kathy doesn't know where Ahmad is. Erik points him out; he's sitting in a chair nearby. Erik screams, "Run, Kathy, run!" Kathy tells Erik to fuck off. In an interview, Kathy says that Erik turned into a combination of Corbin and Stephen and that she wanted to kick his head. She concludes, "Now, I know that sounds harsh, but I don't like to be yelled at." I'm with you, sister.

Kathy gets the first clue from Ahmad and runs back to the black light. The clue reads: "Thomas Crown's recent collection." They all think it refers to the movie The Thomas Crown Affair, but apparently none of them has seen it. Me neither, but I think it had something to do with an art thief. Erik goes to get his clue. Kathy takes the opportunity to scream at him to run. Erik's clue says, "Where Kasparov and Fischer faced off." A chess board. Right? Erik doesn't know who Kasparov and Fischer are. Frederique goes to get her clue and Erik biffs his head on the bed while he gets in. I totally think Frederique is The Mole, since she's the one pushing for each of them to get their clues first, whereas I would have tried to solve one clue and then gotten the next one. Trying to solve all three clues at once seems like it will cause them to all be scattering in different directions instead of working together. Frederique gets her clue, which reads, "This sweet squash makes a scary jack." Frederique thinks it must be a pumpkin, and Kathy confirms it. She totally got the easiest clue.

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