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Three Celebrities

Erik voice-overs that they had no idea how to solve Kathy's clue or his own clue, so they all decided to work on Frederique's clue. They run around the house, looking at things. Frederique walks right by a pumpkin sitting on the floor, and then she finds a fake pumpkin. Kathy finds a bust of Beethoven and says that it's a prop, and wonders if they are supposed to put stuff under a black light. Frederique claims that she doesn't remember. They call Erik, who was outside, I think. He runs in and totally biffs on the floor, which was hilarious. Frederique takes the pumpkin over to the black light while Kathy and Erik lie on the bed to turn on the black light. She sees nothing on the pumpkin. They all start running again and Kathy immediately finds the real pumpkin that Frederique missed before. Frederique takes the pumpkin over to the light. Kathy asks, "What's with all the pumpkins?" There is writing on the pumpkin that says, "The uniform of masons, welders, and cooks." She pronounces the last word like "kooks." Erik asks how it's spelled, and Frederique says, "As in kooker, like a kook!" Hee! Kathy realizes that they need to find aprons, and she finds one hanging in the kitchen. She takes it over to the black light and reads, "The world's oldest grain." Part of the problem with this game is that the black light is really far away from the bed that they need to lie on to activate it, so they have to yell the clues back and forth, which would be really annoying.

Kathy runs back and explains that it's grain, as in wheat. They all run into the kitchen. Kathy finds a sack of coffee beans, but realizes that coffee isn't really a grain. She finds a sack of rice and makes Erik carry it out to the light. He reads the clue: "Gallagher has a smashing time with these." Watermelon. What else could it be? I was very frustrated watching this game and seeing them disagree, because the answers seemed really obvious to me, sitting at home, with no stress or time pressure, not on camera, and before midnight. Also not wearing an uncomfortable jumpsuit. Okay, maybe I should give them a break. Kathy tells everyone to look for a watermelon. Frederique finds another pumpkin and asks if Gallagher smashes them. Kathy says no at first, but then says it might be right. Frederique carries it out, but it doesn't have any writing on it. Ahmad announces that he's selling clue for $1000.

Erik runs down what they have, which is pretty much nothing. Kathy thinks that 31 is one of the numbers, but we have no idea where she got that from. Kathy says they'd like to buy a hint. Ahmad puts on his reading glasses and reads, "This comedian gets fruity with a sledgehammer." That was a hint? That was pretty much the same thing that the other clue said. Frederique thinks they need to look for a sledgehammer. In an interview, Kathy says that Frederique wanted to look for a sledgehammer when Kathy knew they should be looking for a watermelon. Kathy imitates Frederique going, "Guys, guys, guys, sledgehammer." Cut to Frederique going, "Guys! Guys!" Cut back to Kathy saying she hears that in her nightmares. Frederique checks out some golf clubs like there might be a sledgehammer in there. In an interview, Erik says that Frederique was finding clues that had no significance and trying to throw them off. Kathy finds a watermelon in a walk-in cooler and makes Erik carry it out and try it under the light. It reads, "Watch your back."

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