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Three Celebrities

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Three Celebrities

Frederique says that now they have to solve the Thomas Crown clue. Wouldn't it make more sense to solve the clue they have just about finished? See what I mean about Frederique and the misdirection? Kathy wants to check every part of every suit under the black light. Erik is looking for a painting. Frederique calls him over, but he's still looking. Kathy yells for the black light. Frederique says she's waiting for Erik. He finally shows up. Ahmad announces that they have twenty minutes left. Kathy keeps looking at the sleeves of the jumpsuits under the black light, and finds the number 60 on Velcro. Now, how did Erik miss that one, too? Frederique reviews that they have 1 and 60. Kathy tells the camera that her goal is to get dressed.

In an interview, Erik says that when they found the numbers on the sleeves, they figured that the final number must be on the suits, too, so they decided to put every part of the suits under the lights. Erik checks the suits while Kathy and Frederique lie on the bed. Why are they still letting him do anything? He's screwed up twice already. Erik finds the number 38, and they all head for the safe. Ahmad announces that the numbers have to be in the correct order. Kathy thinks they should just try some numbers, but Frederique stalls some more. Ahmad voice-overs that the players have only three tries to enter the correct combination, and that if their third attempt fails, the keypad locks for five minutes. They have just under thirteen minutes left when they begin. I totally thought this was the last part of the puzzle, so I didn't understand why they didn't slow down and take their time with this. Good thing I'm not playing the game. Erik tries 1-60-38 first, and it's wrong. Well, actually, they all say he's going to try that, and he definitely punches in the number 1 first, but then they show him do the second combination also. I'm just going to chalk that one up to footage that was lost in the fire, because it seems like someone would have noticed if he had done exactly the same combination twice in a row. They discuss what combination to try next. Erik uses his math and logic skills to come up with something, and tries 60-1-38, which is also wrong. Ahmad says they have one try left, and twelve minutes on the clock. Frederique suggests trying 38-1-60. Erik says he thinks his number is first, for no apparent reason, so it should be 38-60-1. Kathy agrees. Erik tries it and it works.

They open the safe, expecting to see stacks of cash, but there is something else inside. In an interview, Frederique says, "It was another goddamn clue." In an interview, Kathy says, "I was angry. I was resentful and angry, and I blamed Erik." Ha. Good policy. They decide to look at the clue under the black light. Erik reads, "To score the loot, all three must swim. Only one bag each in order to win." Erik runs back to the others while reading the clue. Frederique suggests that they go to the ocean. See, she's not that dumb. She's totally The Mole. Kathy asks if there is a swimming pool.

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The Mole




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