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Three More Celebrities, Part I

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Three More Celebrities, Part I

The episode opens with a series of interviews. Angie says that if she doesn't get executed tonight, she'll be in the finals. Her strategy is to make people think she's The Mole. Mark puts on a weird voice and says that he will win the game. Dennis says he's not trying to sabotage anyone and fraggle rock knocker main objective. Tracey says it's her "ultimate judgment day."

Ahmad greets the players on the beach, surrounded by donkeys. He invites everyone to take a big whiff of eau de donkey, and says that the next game is called "Donkey Rally." I think the donkeys are cute. Something might be wrong with me. Ahmad says that each team will feature a man, who will be the brawn of the team, and a woman, who will be the brains. Wouldn't it have been a more interesting game if they switched those roles around? Or at least let the players choose who got to do what? Dennis and Tracey form a team, and Dennis speaks more clearly than he ever has when he describes Tracey as "beautiful, crafty, energetic, alive, vibrant." Ahmad explains that there are merchant carts down the road. The teams have to find each cart, collect some goods, pack them onto the donkey, and cross the finish line in forty-five minutes. The twist is that each cart has instructions on what to take, and the instructions are written in Spanish. Ahmad reads an example, and asks if anyone can translate. Angie thinks that it means, "Ahmad Rashad's wearing the gayest bandanna I've ever seen." That was actually almost funny. Although she should have made a reference to John Travolta in Staying Alive. Ahmad says that it means "Correct translation is the key to the game." One of the donkeys starts having a fit, and Mark goes over and calms it down. Ahmad hands each woman a Spanish/English dictionary, and explains that only the women can use it, and that they must stay on their donkeys while translating. The men are the only ones who can load the items onto the donkey, and they cannot lead or pull the women's donkeys for them.

The teams head for their donkeys. Angie makes an ass joke. Tracey interviews that she's never even seen a donkey, much less sat on one. Tracey gets on her donkey, and a nearby donkey starts kicking hers in the head. Yikes! Angie complains about the boniness of the donkey's back. The teams take off as Ahmad voice-overs that each item the players correctly pick up is worth $10,000 for the pot, and that each team that finishes within thirty minutes earns an additional $5,000 for the pot.

Tracey's donkey takes off at a good clip, and she arrives at the first cart ahead of the other team. Next to the cart is a pen full of chihuahuas. Tracey reads the clue, which says, "El trece de la suerte es igual a dos de los mejores amigos del hombre." Tracey tries to translate, using her dictionary. Dennis is shocked to learn that they have to translate the entire sign. He seriously just goes off into his own world while instructions are given. I have some students like that. A caption informs viewers that the sign says, "Two of 'Man's Best Friend' equal lucky thirteen." Tracey interviews that the clues were much more complicated than she thought, and that they were almost like riddles. Tracey yells at Dennis to help her out. Tracey decides that the clue has something to do with "two of the same," and tells Dennis to pick out two dogs with the same number on their backs. Dennis picks one up, and the dog looks like a mouse in his giant hand. Tracey puts the dog into her bag and takes off.

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