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Three More Celebrities, Part I

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Three More Celebrities, Part I

Angie and Mark arrive at the first cart. Angie has no idea what the sign says. Mark interviews that he doesn't know Spanish, and that Angie had the dictionary, so she could have told him anything. Angie translates one word, "luck," and decides that they should take the dog with the number seven, since that's her lucky number. It's amazing to me that they think translating one word will tell them the meaning of the entire sentence.

Tracey and Dennis arrive at the second cart, which has barrels full of beans. The clue reads, "La fruta musical es roja. Diez libras. No tomar nada seria una mala idea." A caption translates, "The musical fruit is red. Fill ten pounds. Taking nothing would be a bad idea." Tracey tells Dennis that she thinks they should take ten pounds. Dennis scoops out some beans. Tracey interviews that Dennis didn't help much with the interpreting. I don't even know what he's saying when he's speaking English. Does she really want his help with the Spanish? Tracey's donkey won't get going, so Dennis takes the donkey by the reins and pulls it around. Tracey tells him not to lead her donkey, because she doesn't want to break any rules.

Angie and Mark are waiting for the first team to leave so that they can complete their task. A chihuahua nearly falls out of Mark's bag. Angie tries to translate the sign, and Mark thinks that "libras" means "market," when it really means "pounds." Mark thinks they should just take some beans, and he grabs a couple of scoops. Angie interviews that Mark seemed so sure, so she just went along with it.

Tracey and Dennis arrive at the third cart, which has a selection of fruit. The sign reads, "Canasta de aguacates. Tomar algo de este carrito seria tragico." I think what would be most difficult about this task is that the dictionary isn't going to be much help with the verbs. It's like if you tried to look up the phrase "would be" in the dictionary, it might not be there. You'd have to look up "to be" or "am" or something. A caption tells us that the sign reads, "Basket of avocados. Taking something from this cart would be tragic." Tracey thinks it means they are just supposed to fill their basket with avocados, and that it would be seriously tragic not to do that. Dennis complies.

Mark leads his donkey along the beach, and complains about the heat. Mark interviews that it was so hot that he saw a bird walking. Mark interviews that the donkey looked pretty excited about the fruit cart, so he fed the donkey a couple of bananas. Mark wants us to imagine being a wild animal in Mexico, because he wonders how often they get to eat fresh fruit. My husband supposes, "All the time?" Good point. Bananas are probably a lot cheaper there. Mark puts some bananas in his basket, and Angie clearly sees him doing it, because she laughs at him. Mark suggests that every sign tells them not to take anything. He goes back and takes the bananas out of his bag. Angie says that she's following Mark's orders.

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