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Three More Celebrities, Part I

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Three More Celebrities, Part I

Tracey tells Angie that she's worried that she made a horrible decision. Angie says that it was fair, since all's fair in love and war. That doesn't even make sense. Angie interviews that she probably would have done the same thing Tracey did, and given the money to Dennis. Mark interviews that Dennis is like the quiet guy in class: you don't think he's the Mole because he doesn't appear to care, but that he's smarter than you think. Mark thinks that Dennis is The Mole. Tracey asks if they can go back to her room so that she can cry and think things out. Dennis interviews that Tracey will cry if she gets executed, because she's too soft-hearted. In the MUV, Angie says that she's made it this far without an exemption. Tracey apologizes for not giving the exemption to Angie, and Angie laughs. Tracey says she's convinced that one of the guys is The Mole, and that she and Angie are fighting it out. Angie tells her not to be so sure, and Tracey says she's definitely not sure.

There's one last game before the quiz. Ahmad shows the players a board with six celebrity noses on it. The players are given a celebrity name, and they have to identify the correct nose. Each correct answer adds $5,000 to the pot. It's harder than it sounds. The first celebrity is Jennifer Lopez. Angie and Tracey pick one, and Mark and Dennis pick another. The ladies agree to go along with Mark and Dennis, and they're wrong. Angie and Tracey were right. Angie interviews that Dennis never tries, so he sabotages every game. Dennis interviews that he's not up to date on the noses around the world. That cracked me up.

The next celebrity is Hugh Grant. Angie and Tracey pick one immediately, and the guys agree to go along. The ladies are correct. The next celebrity is Britney Spears. The trend of the women choosing, and the guys going along continues, and the women are correct. The next celebrity is John Malkovich. Angie picks one, and Mark disagrees, because it's in the same position as the last correct answer. He agrees to go along, grumbling all the while. Angie was right. Mark interviews that women pay attention to thinks like noses, and guys don't.

The next celebrity is Catherine Zeta-Jones. Angie and Tracey immediately choose one, and they are right. I don't think Dennis and Mark are even paying attention anymore. The next celebrity is Stephen Baldwin. The photos are of fairly bad quality. Angie thinks it's "the one with the zit on it." Mark chooses one. Dennis goes along. Mark chooses a different one, and the ladies disagree. They end up going with Angie's first choice, which was correct. Mark interviews that if you put butts up there, he would have gotten it, even if it belonged to "Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie." Shout-out? And also, ew. Ahmad says that they just added $25,000 to the pot, which is now at $182,000. Dennis has an exemption. Dennis interviews that we can watch him on the final episode. Ahmad proposes a toast, and says that he'll miss one of them tomorrow.

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